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Treating Acid Reflux Disease With Diet And Lifestyle Changes

How to Naturally Cure Acid Reflux

Hey guys, Axe here from Draxe , of functional medicine and nutritionist. In this tutorial I’m going to talk about how to naturally cure acid reflux and acid reflux or heartburn or indigestion. These are issues that millions upon millions of people struggle with on a regular basis. In this tutorial I’ll go through the exact acid reflux diet, the best supplements for acid reflux along with the lifestyle changes you need to make in order to help overcome acid reflux for good. This is something that I’ve helped thousands of patients overcome in my years of practice. So step number one, let’s talk about what causes and triggers acid reflux. Typically.

It’s an enzyme deficiency, if you’re not getting enough enzymes in your diet, that’s a one big issue along with if your stomach. if the acid is imbalanced in your stomach. Typically it’s caused from low stomach acid, so your stomach is not producing enough acid and not enough enzymes being produced in your body. So again, lack of acid, lack of enzymes, that’s what’s causing your acid reflux. So in order to address that, we need to do a few things. Number one we got to change your diet and there are a few things that trigger acid reflux. Consuming citrus fruits, tomatoes, chocolate and carbonated beverages like soda, those can trigger acid reflux along with consuming too many grain products and hydrogenated oils.

Those are the first foods you want to actually remove from your diet. Then what you want to do is start replacing those with foods that are high in enzymes and foods that are easy to digest. Doing vegetables, doing most forms of fruits, doing organic meats, doing bone broth. Consuming foods that are easy to digest, that’s where you want to start in terms of diet is getting those into your diet. So again, organic meat products, fruits and vegetables are a great place to start when you’re replacing those foods in your diet. The next step to overcome acid reflux is you have to start using certain supplements. And.

The best supplements that can help you are taking a digestive enzyme supplement, two caps with meals of digestive enzymes along with taking something called HCL with pepsin. That’s hydrochloric acid with pepsin and what you’ll do with hydrochloric acid is you’ll take one capsule and you’ll only take this when you consume meat or a form of protein and see if you get a warm feeling in your stomach. And then eventually you’ll go to two caps into three, but hydrochloric acid is the acid your stomach produces that helps to break down food, so actually getting more of that acid will help you with digestion. But really digestive enzymes are the first place to start.

If the enzymes help all the way, you don’t need to do hydrochloric acid but if that still isn’t enough then you can add in those in as well. The third step is lifestyle; you really need to eat less at your meals. So oftentimes, acid reflux is caused from stuffing yourself, eating too much, eating too fast. So eating too much, eating too fast is a major cause of acid reflux. And step number four to naturally cure acid reflux, is to start using apple cider vinegar. This is the number one natural cure or home remedy is apple cider vinegar and what you’ll do is take one number tablespoon in a small amount of water and drink that before your meal. About ten minutes before your meal and apple cider vinegar contains.

Probiotics enzymes and certain acids like acidic acid which actually helps you digest your food. So this apple cider vinegar is the number one natural remedy for acid reflux that you’ll want to start using. And you want to make sure that when you’re buying apple cider vinegar that it has some of the cloudiness you can see there on the bottom. It’s called the mother in it, you can see there it says organic, raw and filtered with the mother. This is what you’ll want to start getting and of all the things, this is the most beneficial thing you can do to naturally overcome and heal acid reflux is start doing one tablespoon.

Of apple cider vinegar before your meals. With that and enzymes will make a big difference in turns of natural treatments. So remember this if you’re looking at overcoming acid reflux. Number one, get some of those triggers out like doing too much citrus, tomato sauce, hydrogenated oils, sugar, grain products. Get those out and start consuming more fruits, more vegetables and organic meat products. Step number two; hey get some of those good supplements like digestive enzymes as well as hydrochloric acid. Step number three, change your lifestyle, don’t over eat and eat slowly. Try and chew about 20 to 30 times before you.

How to Naturally Heal Low Stomach Acid

Hey, guys, Axe here from draxe . Today, I’m going to talk about natural remedies for low stomach acid. The truth is, your stomach must be acidic and highly acidic to break down the food you’re consuming and for proper absorption. If you have acid reflux of any type, GERD, heartburn, if you have a condition like leaky gut or inflammatory bowel disease, even most skin issues today, or a lack of certain nutrients, those are all major warning signs that you have low stomach acid. So you actually want to naturally balance the pH of your stomach. I’m going to talk about the top five steps and natural remedies you can take and follow.

To naturally improve your stomach acid and improve your digestive function. Again, these are great ways, especially if you have acid reflux, these are great natural cures and remedies. So number one thing you can do to start to balance this pH in your stomach is take apple cider vinegar right before your meals. I would take one tablespoon and just a very small thing of water. Apple cider vinegar is a great thing to do. It’s a great natural remedy because apple cider vinegar has a very low pH in balance with your stomach. That’s the number one remedy.

By the way, one of the thing oftentimes I’ll add to my apple cider vinegar before a meal are digestive bitters. You can get a little tincture of digestive bitters. Those are also great. In fact, bitters have been consumed for thousands of years right after meals or before meals to improve your digestion. Number two thing you want to start taking to improve your stomach acid are digestive enzymes. I would get a good digestive enzyme blend and do one to two caps right before your meal. You could even take that with the apple cider vinegar. Digestive enzymes will help you fully break down those nutrients.

If your stomach acid is too high, that will actually not allow you to break down the food you’re eating, so you must get plenty of enzymes. That’s not something you should have to take the rest of your life, but it is something you should take for a time until your stomach acid balances out. That’s number two. Number three thing you may consider if you have stomach acid is HCL with pepsin. That’s hydrochloric acid with pepsin. Now, hydrochloric acid is naturally created in your stomach now. That is really the main thing that creates that very acidic environment to break down food.

But if you’re deficient in hydrochloric acid, in stomach acid yourself, that’s not going to allow you to fully digest and break down things like protein, which over time, can also cause a condition called leaky gut. So you want to do everything you can to heal and repair your gut. So again, HCL with pepsin is a great thing you can start taking on a regular basis to really help heal your GI tract, to help fight things like acid reflux, but again, to help improve stomach acid. Now, the trick with HCL is you typically want to take that while you’re under the care of.

A physician or start off with one capsule. By the way, you only take HCL with pepsin if you’re taking protein during a meal. So again, if you’re not taking protein in a meal, you don’t want to use it. If you’re getting quite a bit of protein in a meal like chicken or beef, you want to take HCL. When you get warmness in your stomach that means you’re taking enough. You need to back it down. Some people need one, some people may need to take up to nine capsules of HCL with pepsin. The fourth thing you can do to improve stomach acid is take Manuka honey. Manuka honey is.

A specific type of honey out of New Zealand. This honey has antimicrobial properties. One of the things that can happen is people can develop things like SIBO. That’s small intestinal bacterial overgrowth and the wrong type of bacteria in the stomach. One of the best things to take, you get this Manuka honey. Just take a teaspoon a day or a teaspoon twice a day. It can actually help in healing stomach ulcers and it’s also great for low stomach acid. Then, my last thing here is a lifestyle tip. It’s not just the natural remedies. Those four things will help, but there are a few other things you want to do to help heal your.

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