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Too Much Acid In Stomach Side Effects

Welcome to health care at home Ms.Indira Sharma from Jhansi Uttar Pradesh has sent us an email. She says that she and her husband gets acidity probelm after getting up in the morning. So they had to take digine or antaicde medicine regularly to get relief from acidity. She has requested for some home remedy to control this acidity without using medicines. Ms.Indira there is simple remedy, which is very effective too. What you have to do is, after getting up and brushing your teeth drink cucumber juice. Now a days cucumber is available 365 days in the year.

You can take any variant of cucumber, whichever is available in the season. Prepare cucumber juice. Take one glass cucumber juice. Make sure that the juice is not bitter. Normally out of 1000 cucumber very few cucumber is found bitter. So if it is bitter then it should not be used. Its juice is normally has little sweetish in taste. Drink one glass juice in an empty stomach in the morning. And if you have major problem of acidity then drink one glass of cucmber juice before to sleep also. going.

Drinkg 1 small glass of around 200 ml. If you follow this remedy then your acidity problem will be solved completely, you don’t have to do anything else. But if you have more severe problem and after using cucumber juice still you have acidity problem then, you have to do one more thing. Along with one glass Cucumber juice, you have to take 1 goose berry and 8 mint leaves. Mix these 3 ingredients. You can grate these things, put it in muscline cloth and remove its juice by pressing. You can blend it in a mixer and extract the juice.

Home Remedy for Acidity Problem With English Subtitles Captions in 161 Languages

Or you can make juice in a normal juicer. Take 8 mint leaves, 1 goose berry and 1 cucumber. It should be approximately 200 ml juice, otherwise you can increase the quantity of cucumber. If you drink this juice, you will be relieved from the acidity problem. After 7 days however the major acidity probelm you must be having, it will be cured completely. One more thing you have to do is to find out and keep in mind that why are you getting acidity problem. Acidity comes due to increase of bile level in your digestive system.

Why this happens If you eat lot of non vegetarian food, if you eat tobacco or drink alcohol. You have to keep control on these things. If you eat junk food or fast food then also your digestive system gets disturbed. Avoid all these things. Eat vegetarian food. Eat green vegetables. Eat Bottle Gourd Eat salads compulsarily with food, then automatically your acidity problem will be controlled. And alongwith that if you drink cucumber juice with that, then its a guarantee that your acidity problem will be solved. Isn’t it a very simple remedy, easily available at your home.

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