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Natural Kitchen Cure For Acid Reflux

Using baking soda for heartburn often works,which sometimes amazes people. Heartburn is such a difficult problem for so many peopleto live with on a regular basis that the idea that it could be addressed using somethingas simple as baking soda almost seems surprising. Still, consuming a relatively small amountof baking soda can make all the difference for people that are struggling with the symptomsof heartburn on a regular basis. When it comes to baking soda for heartburn, the mechanismis simple. Baking soda contains sodium bicarbonate. On the pH scale, sodium bicarbonate is highlybasic. Sodium bicarbonate is a very weak base on the pH scale, making it safe in small doses.

Baking soda for heartburn has a certain clearlogic to it. Heartburn is caused by misplaced strong stomach acid. A weak base like sodiumbicarbonate can neutralize that stomach acid, thus immediately making the pain go away.It usually only takes a very small amount of a base that’s already very weak in orderto effectively neutralize one’s stomach acid. A teaspoon of baking soda dissolved into anentire glass of water is usually going to be able to neutralize the stomach acid thatcauses heartburn. People that suffer from chronic heartburn may need to consume thistreatment relatively regularly for the sake of heartburn relief.

Making use of baking soda for heartburn reliefalso has the benefit of being inexpensive. A container of baking soda can last peoplefor months, even if they’re using it for heartburn relief on a regular basis. Antacids, on theother hand, have to be replaced on a regular basis. Some people may be concerned aboutusing something like baking soda instead of a more natural, herbal remedy. They shouldknow that sodium bicarbonate is biologically produced by the pancreas already in orderto combat stomach acid. Baking soda, unlike many antacids, has few ingredients other thansodium bicarbonate, so people that take it are not ingesting a whole host of other chemicals.To a large extent, using baking soda for heartburn

relief is a simple matter of replicating theinternal processes that already exist biologically. If you would like more help with your heartburn?Subscribe to Free Newsletter www.HeartburnReliefTips .

Acid Reflux Acidity Natural Ayurvedic Home Remedies

Acid reflux or Heartburn is caused due toexcessive acid build up. When you have a burning sensation in your chest accompanied by a sorethroat and a sour taste in the mouth, you are suffering from a bout of acidity or acidreflux. In our stomach there are acids that help break down food during digestion. Attimes the gastric glands produce excess acids, which results in a burning sensation. If yousmoke a lot or consume alcohol, you will be affected by acidity. The other common reasonsare erratic eating times and consumption of spicy and fried foods. But do not worry , thereare a few simple home remedies to cure acid reflux. If you get hit by acidity or a burningsensation in your stomach simply chew 56

basil leaves after your meal. Whenthere is a burning sensation due to acidity chewing a clove helps lessen the discomfort. If you have hyperacidity and heartburn, drink a glass of chilled plain milk for quick relief. Another remedy for quick relief is cardamom or elaichi. Grind 2 Cardamoms and add it in250 ml of water. Boil this cardamom water for about 15 mins. Sieve this water and drink for quick relief. Avoid foods with too much vinegar and black pepper. Stay away from tomato ketchup. Reduce the consumption of chocolates as it triggers and aggravates acidity. To really prevent heartburn avoid its biggest causes. Stop drinking carbonated and caffeinated drinks like Tea and coffee.

Eat healthy and take care of yourself..

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