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Lactic Acid In Gastric Juice

Good morning Vanessa. Good morning Dean. Where are we We are at the Veni Vidi Coxi kitchen in the Gingerbread Cottage. Bed and Breakfast Bed and Breakfast in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. What does Veni Vidi Coxi mean It means I came, I saw, I cooked. I came, I saw, I cooked, okay. For me that would be Veni Vidi Eaty. Ha ha ha! I came, I saw, I ate. Okay, so what are we doing today Today we are going to do whole cabbage heads. Sour cabbage heads, which are very important for fantastic cabbage rolls.

If you really want to do good cabbage rolls, also use the fermented, like the naturally fermented cabbage heads. Okay. Okay Now, I have made my cabbage heads already, a week ago, but I will walk you through it and show you exactly how it’s done. Okay. First of all, you need white cabbage of course. Yeah. What you do, is you cut this last little ugly slice off. Okay. And then you take a pointed knife, very sharp knife, and you start to hollow this stem out here. Okay. Okay.

Anyhow, I’m going to spare you the whole thing. We have one here that’s already partly fermented. Yes. That’s what it looks like. So, you go all the way into that thing as far as you can Yeah. And then what What you do then, is you put a very good sea salt in. Very good salt. Which is Himalayan. No, not salt. Sea salt. Sea salt, okay, there’s a difference. And the reason the Himalayan salt is so good, is because it comes from the mountains. It’s mined in the Himalayan mountains. Yes.

Cabbage Recipes Sour Heads Crock Recipe, Probiotic Drink, Austrian Chef

And it comes from oceans from thousands of years back. So, it doesn’t have the impurities that normal sea salt would have. Yeah, okay. There is also another very good sea salt, that is the French, that is grey. Yeah. Then we have the English one from Essex that’s Maldon sea salt. And of course there are all kinds of others. There’s Antarctic sea salt, comes from South Africa, so we have that as well. So, now you have a cabbage head full of salt. Full of salt. But, it’s also, the hole is to allow the penetration.

To penetrate. to come into the leaves, between the leaves. Yes, right. The liquid. That is too, yeah. Right, okay Yep. So, what you do now, and I have the heads here. First you put in, on the bottom, and I’ll show you here what we have. Some dill stems. Okay. These here, I had frozen. Yes. Because, what I do, is I chop the fresh dill up, freeze it, or use it fresh, and the rest goes in the freezer for my cabbages. And here I have some bigger ones.

Those are probably the ones I will use for this. Alright. So, now we put the dill in, and then we put slices of this horseradish in. Horseradish, yeah. And here Ihave a whole horseradish that is unpeeled and unsliced, of course. So, you put that in the bottom, and then you stack your cabbages in, one after the other. In this one here, we have four cabbages. Okay. Now, you’ll be wondering about the colour right. How much, do you add water to this Now. It’s not like regular sauerkraut where you don’t add water. No no no.

This here is, you have to add lightly salted water. You boil the water up with a little salt to make it like, it should take, like a nice soup, that kind of level of salt. Let it cool down. Pour it over the cabbage heads. Put some more dill on top, and some more of these sliced things here. Horseradish. Now, I also used the insides of my regular cabbage and just threw them in. Yeah. And you put them in. Now you need a weight on. Why is that pink.

Oh, the pink, that is kind of a cosmetic thing. I put a slice of red cabbage in. This here, of course, already is going for a week, so the colour is drawn out, and that gives it a wonderful pink colour, and the reason you want that, is because this juice is fantastic to drink. They actually sell it in the health food stores. Sauerkraut juice. So I would suggest after, when you’re done with it, freeze your heads, take your juice, fill it in bottles, and freeze it as well, because you cannot process it.

It will destroy all the goodness. Now, you take The juice you mean Yeah, the juice is very good for lactic acid in your stomach. If you have stomach problems, drink it before you eat. Yeah. Right Now, we put a plate on top, that seems to be enough here. Yeah. Then we take a rag. Very clean towel Yeah, it is very clean, it was just in the sauerkraut. Mm hmm. Actually, what I would do first is that I would put a lid on it, and then this, and then something else.

Now, the old crock pots. The good ones, like the real ones for sauerkraut that we, unfortunately, don’t have. Yeah. Had a spout here in the bottom. Yeah. Because what is happening is the salt goes to the bottom, gathers there, and doesn’t come to the top, so the top gets all rotten, you know, it’s like you do a tea, like a compost tea or something. Yeah. So, you have to get, everyday, you have to bring the water up, because you can’t just take it out on the bottom and pour it in the top,.

Like you did with the old ones. Yeah. So, what I have, I have a food grade pipe here, yep. And what I do, is I blow in. Okay. You make bubbles and that mixes your water up. That brings the salt up and mixes it. You have to do that everyday, otherwise you will get very very foul smelling cabbage. Okay. And you realize our cabbage never smells. It’s in the middle of the kitchen, never smells. Yeah, never even notice it’s going. Never even notice. Yeah. Now should you get some little foam things on the top here, going,.

After a while, then just skim them off, you can take a paper towel, take them out, throw it out. Check it everyday. Yeah, okay. That’s what I have to say. And then I close this, put this on top, and I also like to put a board on top, just in case. Mm hm. Right And now it’s nice and closed, and watch it everyday. And tell me again what the purpose of the cabbage is for What the purpose You’re making sour Sour cabbages You’re making whole cabbages sauerkraut,.

Which makes nice cabbage roll leaves, right You can take the leaves right off. You don’t have to boil them, nothing, and you can use them right for cabbage rolls. But, what I’ve seen you do is you freeze them. That’s what I do. Freeze the heads whole, and then that makes them even more malleable to wrap right Yeah, you don’t necessarily have to do that with these ones, but I freeze them, because I make four for instance, and then I only need one for cabbage rolls, and the rest I freeze. Yeah, but then after that,.

The leaves are even a little further breaking up They are a little more pliable to do your cabbage rolls. So when you wrap them Yeah, and those make fantastic cabbage rolls. Okay. So, do you have anything more to say about the process. I’ve seen you drinking the juice. I’m not quite so brave but. Yeah, I know, the juice is fantastic. If you grow up with it, I guess that’s what you do. Juice is fantastic for probiotics, you know, for your stomach. For the chemical. It’s fantastic. And that’s why you also should use the sea salt,.

The real, like the Himalayan sea salt, because it has all the minerals in it. Yeah. The other salts don’t have the minerals, they are chemically extracted. Yeah. And the health, and refined just like sugar And refined just like sugar, the white salt. So please use sea salt, and then you can drink it, and it’s very beneficial. Okay. So, what do you call this then, you call it whole head sauerkraut. Yeah, whole head, yeah, sauerkraut. Can you use it for anything else other than cabbage rolls You could slice it and just use it if you’re short, as sauerkraut. As sauerkraut,.

Right You could do that too. Yeah. So, you make lots of casseroles with Casseroles or, you know What do you call it Klausenburger kraut You can make klausenburger kraut too. Or lazy cabbage rolls, or anything like that. Better for that, is to use the regular sauerkraut, and we are going to do another session for that. Okay. Okay Thank you. Thank you very much. Okay. Come back. Come back to the Veni Vidi Coxi kitchen. Kitchen. At the Gingerbread Cottage bed and breakfast in Victoria BC Canada. Closed Captioning by Kris Brandhagen. brandhagengmail.

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