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La Coca Cola Ti D Acidit

Gold Coin Dissolving in Acid Aqua Regia

Warning This reaction produces toxic gases and uses corrosive acids. It should be performed in a fume hood with gloves. Greetings fellow nerds. In this tutorial we're going to dissolve a gold coin in acid. Here is the coin. It's a 120th troy ounce canadian maple. Now we add 10mL of concentrated 12M hydrochloric acid. By itself the acid does not react with the gold so we add another 1mL of concentrated 15M nitric acid. The mixture is gently heated to speed up the reaction. Eventually the mixture will turn yellow and bubble as the gold starts dissolving.

We showed in a previous tutorial that gold will not dissolve in either hydrochloric acid or nitric acid alone. What's happening here is that the nitric acid is first oxidizing the surface of the gold. Then the chloride ions in the hydrochloric acid reacts with the gold ions to form a complex ion that dissolves away into solution. The nitric acid then further oxidizes the surface and the process repeats. Other oxidants also work but nitric acid is the easiest to work with. The bubbles you're seeing are nitrogen dioxide gas.

Along with some nitrosyl chloride, chlorine and nitrogen monoxide. This mixture of hydrochloric and nitric acid is also known by the name of aqua regia. Aqua regia does not destroy all metals though. I showed in a previous tutorial that ruthenium is totally immune to aqua regia. Hmm, looks like the reaction is slowing down, I'm going to add another 1mL of nitric acid. Overall what we're producing in this reaction is chloroauric acid. There is a famous story among chemists During world war II hungarian chemist George de Hevesy dissolved the gold Nobel Prizes.

Of German physicists Max von Laue and James Franck in aqua regia to prevent the Nazis from finding them. This deep orange solution was what they would have seen on the shelf. All the gold atoms are still there as ions, and they can easily be returned to metal with the proper reducing agent. Looks like the reaction is complete. We have destroyed a gold coin and converted it to chloroauric acid using aqua regia. Leaving it for a few weeks in a desiccator bag we can dry it and produce this solidified form of chloroauric acid.

Valentines Day DIY Bath bomb with Nejc Svete Valentinove DIY kopalne bombice z Nejcom Tjaa Deu

Hello. Valentine's Day is arround the corner, so today i'm going to show you how to DIY bath bombs! And because Nejc perfected this recipe he will help me today. And because Tjaa is always in my way in the kitchen. That's better. What I want to help you. Ok, let's start. For bath bombs, you will need 200g sodium bicarbonate 100g citric acid 100g salt 100g corn starch we will also need some essential oil food colouring and heart shaped cookie cutters. But be CAREFUL! You have to make sure, that the air in the room is not dry.

Beacuse otherwise it will suck ALL the moisture out of your bombs immediately! And then the bombs don't stick together. You can also add water later, but don't over do it, because then you get this! you have to get the right balance. I will blend all these ingredients, that is soda, citric acid, salt and corn starch together so we get a more homogeneous mixture If you don't have a blender, you can also mix it by hand. 23 tea spoons essential oil 1 tea spoon food colouring and add 23 tea spoons olive oil.

Add a bit of water Now comes the important part Slowly mix wet and dry ingredients while constantly stirring you want the reaction later, in the bath tub, not in the bowl. When you added everything in, you have to mix it together well so you get a wet sand consistency. If the mixture is falling apart, add a bit of water and oil. Now you have to leave it to air dry at least a day or two. You can also add glitter or confetti to the mixture. Even if they don't turn out perfect,.

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