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Citric Acid In Empty Stomach

Hi, my name is Carolina , and in this tutorial I will show you how to lose weight after pregnancy. I have a three steps method that will help you lose belly fat. So make sure that you watch tutorial until the end because I will give you a PDF of my three steps belly fat burner system. Now let me tell you my own story. I am 31 years old and I have two kids. After my second pregnancy I could not lose the fat from my belly. I really hated how my body looked. I did longer enjoyed shopping because the skinny.

Jeans that I love so much were not longer fitting my body. I could not get the button to close on theme. The summer was even worse because my belly fat was hanging out and people on the streets could see it. My friends told me to start working out, but to be honest I don’t like to sweat, I don’t like running on the treadmill , I have to admit that I don’t like exercising at all. I wanted to lose baby weight. Ana, my friend, told me about a recipe that helped here lose weight after pregnancy, without.

Any exercise. She was looking gorgeous , although she gave birth to here second son 3 months ago, She was feeling so happy. She lost all pregnancy weight. I wanted this too, so I asked here to show me how she lost here belly fat. At first I was skeptical , I did not believed that it would work for me, but than she showed me the 3 step formula that she used to lose the belly fat. It sounded simple to lose baby weight. I have tried it and my belly fat went away in less that 20 days, it worked. Here is how.

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Formula works. It took some effort but it worked. Step 1 for losing weight after pregnancy. the Number one enemy is sugar. They call it the white poison. It makes your body build up more and more fat deposits. sugar must go! For the next 7 days I want to promise to your self that you will not to eat anything with sugar. If you really want to get rid of your belly fat than do this. Open your fridge and throw away your cola drinks, chocolate and cakes. Throw them in the garbage. Imagine that you.

Are throwing the belly fat in the garbage. Remember that we are doing this only for 7 days. now Whenever you want to eat sweets just eat a banana. This way your body wont be adding new fat deposits. In the pdf guide I added 3 more trick that will make you stay away from sugar in the next 7 days. Step 2 Now it is time to clean the body so it, starts to melt the belly fat. Use natural green tea. It will boost your metabolism so it burns.

Fat at the much higher rate. Make sure that you don’t drink before going to bed. Every day you need to drink three cups of green tea. First cup in the morning on an empty stomach , the second cups and 13 pm and a 3a cup at 15 pm. This tea will taste bad but it works, it will melt away your belly fat. To make is taste more acceptable add a slice of lemon In the PDF guide I will give all the details on how to prepare to green tea at home and how to use it to lose baby weight.

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