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Can Acid In The Stomach Kill Many Germs

Hi Everyone, Ken here, and in this presentation I’m going to show you what foods you can eat to ensure you have a healthy gut so that you can have a better immune system, and reduce tons of different types of infections. This food can also help you accelerate your fat loss. The bad bacteria that I mentioned before could actually be one of the biggest reasons why all the diets you are doing and exercise you are doing are not actually giving you any results. In my PaleoBurn program, we actually reduce consumption of tons of the bad bacteria producing.

Foods and increase the amount of food that gives you good bacteria. Let me go ahead and just tell you what kind of foods you can eat that will help you. But first a quick warning tons of the food that say they have the good bacteria are flat out lying to you because during the process of making it, they kill most of the good bacteria. On the labels of many yogurt and dairy products, they’ll say it has tons of probiotics and microorganisms that are good for your gut. While this can be true, most pasteurized products.

Kill off all bacteria, good and bad, so you essentially don’t get what you think you are buying. Also, most yogurt you buy at the store has too much sugar, which remember, feeds the bad bacteria. So, it really is best to stay away from most commercial yogurts that are pasteurized. Most items that have good bacteria are fermented. And people have been eating them for thousands of years. Though only recently have we stopped eating them as much. Especially in many western cultures, we just don’t eat enough of this stuff.

The 6 Foods That Kill Bad Bacteria In Your Gut

Here are some examples Sauerkraut, fermented cabbage, squash, carrots, oninions, turnips, eggplant, cucumbers, milk, kefir An indian yogurt called Lassi Raw Yogurt Buttermilk If you eat more of this stuff, you will increase the amount of good bacteria in your body and reduce the amount of bad bacteria. But honestly, you are going to need to eat a ton of each of these items to really get the amount you need for a healthy gut. It would take you hours and hours of eating these foods to really get the amount of good.

Bacteria to outbalance the bad bacteria. For example, you would need to drink six 12 oz containers of kefir each day every day to really get what you really need. Kefir is a fermented milk. SO you can see that it would be a lot of these foods you would have to consume to get the amount you really need. Now, alternatively, there is something else you could do that takes just one minute per day to get the healthy gut you want, improve your immune system, and reduce and prevent.

A lot of different infections.but I’ve saved that segment for tomorrow. Remember, the best action you can take today to increase the amount of good bacteria in your gut is to eat more fermented food.this will always be a good choice. And then tomorrow I’ll tell you about the one minute gut cure in the next tutorial! Now another quick warning here.you may be already taking what I’ll reveal in the next tutorial and that’s ok because I’m going to I’ll show you why 99 of the supplements out there are.

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