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Imagine how scary it would be to come face to face with a shark, a hungry shark that only has one thing on it’s mind and that’s you. We’ve all been told that shark attacks on humans are very rare, roughly around 75 attacks per year, so imagine how rare it is to get the attack caught on tape. Well here’s 5 shark attacks that have been caught on tape. Lets begin. Shark expert, Erich Ritter was filming for the discovery channel TV show shark week in the Bahamas when he was attacked by a shark, but not just any kind of shark, it was a bullshark,.

One of the most ferocious sharks in the water. The attack left Erich’s calf totally mutiliated. Well here’s the after effects of the attack on Erich Ritter’s calf. Now lets look at the footage. Some tourists love the thrill of danger and would pay a huge premium to be put in the cage waiting for a great white shark to come along, but for these two tourists, what they got was a great white shark up too close and personal. Lets watch the clip. Back in 1994, 19 year old Heather Boswelland some of her shipmates were out swimming, not.

Far from east island, off the chilean coast. Heather’s worst nightmare was about to begin as a 14 foot great white shark suddenly attacked her from behind. Heather tragically lost her leg in this horrific attack, but it’s a miracle that she’s still alive today. Heather said that as she was swimming, she turned around and saw the sharks dorsal fin coming towards her. A battle then began as the shark started to attack, but luckily Heather Broke free. Here is the chilling footage. Paul de gelder was living his dream. He loved diving and there he was at 31 years old travelling.

5 Horrific Shark Attacks Caught On Tape 1

The world and was part of the navy’s elite diving unit, the American equivalent to the navy seals. He was taken part in an Australian counter terrorism exorcise One early morning at Sydney Harbour, when Paul De Gelder’s life as he knew it would tragically change forever. Paul was swimming on his back when suddenly he felt something smack him hard on his leg. It was a bull shark. Bull sharks are one of natures most aggressive man eaters, and there was Paul face to face so close that he could see the dark black eyes on the shark staring.

At him. As the shark began to attack, Paul tried to fight it off, but the shark was just too strong. It clamped it’s jaws on paul’s flesh, tearing it apart and shaking Paul around like he was a rag doll. It is the stuff of nightmares. Luckily Paul managed to escape long enough for the Navy dinghy to come along and his mates pulled him out from the water and on board the dinghy. The tragic event ended up losing Paul’s leg and also his hand. After losing limbs in such an horrific attack, most people would give up on life, not Paul.

De Gelder. With his prosthetic leg and arm, Paul learned how to walk, live and even work. Paul now bravely shares his horrifying attack and is a motivational speaker on how to overcome such adversities. We Are now going to show you the footage taken of the horrific attack. Now this is some chilling footage. A diver is just swimming collecting marine life when suddenly he was attacked by a shark, and it’s all caught on his go pro camera. Lets look at the footage. What I found terrifying about this footage was not only the shark kept repeatedly.

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