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Acid Throat Hangover

Scientific approach requires scientific experiment! CMT scientific approach, nutrition, health, supplements, work outs. Hello my friends! My name is Tsatsulin Boris, you are on my YouTube channel, called CMT, scientific approach, and today we will talk about the hangover and how to deal with this unpleasant thing. There are many effective and ineffective tools to quickly understand in whose apartment you are. Someone offers you treat yourself by milk of Buffalo, someone advised you to drink mix of raw egg and brandy. But what says science and medicine in this regard.

Are there any really effective methods, how to minimize the problems Today we will not talk about negative effects of alcohol. I have collected for you the latest researches about medical methods of getting rid of a hangover. This information is not existing in yet. It is exclusive. When I started to search the info for this tutorial, I discovered much unsubstantiated information about application of the various drugs. There are more than 20 different medicine for hangover, pills, syrups and etc. This can be confusing for us. Let’s first find out what is a hangover Guys, please be patience.

The first part of the tutorial will tell about the mechanisms, that cause hangovers. It is necessary to know for everyone. When we know the causes of something, it is getting easier for us to understand, which methods will work well and which not. For those, who has a headache, and in hurry, you can look through the timecodes, which in the comments below. So! A hangover is when the brush does not fit in your mouth because it is brush for the shoes. Hangover is the result of the alcohol’s impact on our body.

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Sometimes people write that the scientific name of a hangover abstinence syndrome This is not true! Abstinence syndrome a painful condition because of the absence of a new dose of the drug, including alcohol, only if a person is sick with alcoholism. Hangover this heavy state of organism, expressed in headache, nausea and vomiting, indigestion, hand tremors, weakness, increase or decrease in blood pressure, and general malaise. Moreover, healthy person, after a heavy drinking bout will be disgusted, if he will have thought about drinking, it is normal, but if.

It does not happen, this person has highly chance to become an alcoholic. You will not believe me, but the processes, that lead out body to the hangover, is still poorly understood by science. We have small number or researches. very small. And it is a bit strange, it is an occasion to think about it to lovers of worldwide conspiracy. How does the alcohol impact on the person The first thing that happens to alcohol, when it enters into the liver, it ss transformation oxidation to acetaldehyde. This work for enzyme,.

Which called alcohol dehydrogenase. This acetaldehyde the most toxic component which could be created by processing of alcohol. It is poison. The faster the body will produce its detoxification the sooner you will feel better. This is the first step. Second step is converting acetaldehyde to acetic acid. Acetic acid is safe. This process also takes place mainly in the liver, but only with the help of using the enzyme, called aldehyde dehydrogenase. Here, alcohol degraded in the blood, but a lot of acetaldehyde causes of hangover. Because of big amount of alcohol, enzymes system,.

In the blood cannot complete the full conversion of acetaldehyde to acetic acid. After that begins the hangover 1,2. We drink too fast. The liver cannot cope with it. Acetaldehyde is 1030 times more toxic than alcohol itself. If you have some problems with this enzyme, which destroys acetaldehyde, the hangover will be always tough for you. You should get used to it it’s genetics. CMT scientific approach, nutrition, health, supplements, work outs. And if alcohol will enter to your body very quickly, you will be intoxicated clearly faster than if the same dose will be stretched in an hour.

But the hangover will be stronger too, because disposal of toxic acetaldehyde inhibited by an excess of alcohol in the blood. Therefore, if we want to reduce the symptoms of a hangover slowing down the speed of intake of alcohol in the blood. Of course, if there is no desire to get drunk to death. The above explanation of the biochemistry, makes question clear, why different nationalities have different drinking traditions the majority of people of East Asian descent have a mutation in the gene responsible for the production of alcohol dehydrogenase,.

Which force this enzyme to convert ethanol to acetaldehyde incredibly intensive. Alcohol toxic acetaldehyde have transformed quickly in this people, in 30100 times faster than in the Europeans. 12. Also, half of these people have reduced ability to convert the acetaldehyde to acetic acid. Therefore, for them, even a small dose of alcohol will provoke the most severe hangover. Hence, apparently, because of that, they have tradition to drink alcohol from small shots, which can slow down the alcohol intake, so that the body will have time to refine it. And in common, they drink less in comparison of Europeans.

Thus, after the shots, acetaldehyde accumulates in the body that cause the effect of alcohol flush with the subsequent severe hangover. For this reason, among these people there are less alcoholics. But to say that the Yakuts and Chukchi, and indeed eastern guys because of that quickly become alcoholics is mistake. About this, I will tell you more in the next episode. These actions, the destruction of alcohol in the body, result in malfunction in some systems of the liver. Our blood sugar levels drop. I show it on the screen in order to give you not so much information.

As a result, during hangover, blood glucose levels is decreases. This condition of body is called hypoglycemia. There are studies on the ordinary people and diabetics. What is the real reason is not completely clear 8.9. But fact is fact. Sugar falls. Remember this in order to make your hangover cure recipe. Why do different drinks cause various different intoxication and hangover For hangover, dose is not always important. Type of drink playing a significant role too. It is believed that the presence of other substances such as fusel oils furfural, methanol, polyphenols, esters, tannins, amines and amides,.

Appearing together with ethanol in a fermentation process, significantly enhances many of the symptoms of hangover. These substances very much in wine, tequila, whiskey, liqueurs and other dark drinks 46. In spirits also added zinc and other metals to sweeten the drink. And, of course, counterfeit drinks, made of crude industrial alcohol, have admixture too. These facts explain the relative softness of a hangover in the use of pure alcohol, such as vodka. The experimental formulation, 33 of patients who consumed bourbon per 1.5 g kg body weight experienced hard hangover.

And only 3 of those who used the same dose of vodka in terms of pure ethanol suffered a heavy hangover. 7 See the difference We have table here, the most severe hangover happens due to brandy, wine and rome All references you can find in the description below, additionally we have links there on my website and all researches too. Question. What about the sparkling alcohol drinks Do they accelerate flow of alcohol into the blood Yes, accelerate. That study 10. There were people who just drank vodka, others drank vodka with water, others drank vodka with soda.

The ethanol concentration in the blood was higher in those who drank a sparkling drink. This is due to the fact that bubbles in soda increases the surface of absorption of alcohol. So if you want to get drunk less do not drink sparkling drinks. It is dangerous to mix not excatly specifically vodka and beer, but sparkling and nonsparkling alcoholic beverages. Here we can recall a mixture of vodka and beer. Intoxication comes quickly. That’s because beer, as the champagne, often sparkling. As the saying is in Russia, Vodka without beer is money down the drain.

You probably heard that sugar increases the intoxication, and that sweet cocktails like soda accelerate absorption. It turns out it is not. All the contrary. Sweet drink decreases the level of intoxication because this slow down fluid intake in 12 duodenums from the stomach. There is a study, where tested diet drinks and sweet drinks. As a result, drink without sugar gives intoxication on 11 more, then drinks with sugar 11. About info, how our body absorbs water, cold drinks, and why you can eat during the meal you can watch here.

Therefore, if we want to reduce the symptoms of a hangover slowing down the maximum intake of alcohol in the blood, drink sweet nonsparkling drinks. And, of course, drinks with transparent color. Better, if it will be just a vodka. Scientific approach require experimentation. Science without experimentation naked theory, is not it CMT scientific approach, nutrition, health, supplements, work outs. Watersalt balance and acidity of the blood. Dehydration or dry throat , when your mouth is dry, and you feel very thirsty. And all of these because alcohol has a very strong dehydrating ability.

Restores the watersalt balance an important but not the main methods of struggle with the hangover. Here we have one table 3, which tracks changes in hormones in patients’ body with hangover. The severity of a hangover is proportional to the concentration of antidiuretic hormone, which is responsible for ensuring that the accumulation of urine passed correctly. Alcohol inhibits the action of the antidiuretic hormone on the kidney, thereby causing diuresis. Water comes out by force , moreover, with urine, we lose electrolytes potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, but the flow of water does not occur properly, if you, of course, do not take 1,5 gallon of water with you in the bar.

After all, we begin to sobering up, the concentration of alcohol in the blood is reduced, but dehydration is maintained. In the blood, antidiuretic hormone is working properly, because we lost a lot of water but it should be preserved. There are a number of clinical trials, during which it became clear that the hydration or restoration of watersalt balance weakens, but does not completely relieve the symptoms of a hangover. In the blood, serum aldosterone and renin is also growing after drinking alcohol, but unlike the antidiuretic hormone, they do not correlate with the severity of a hangover 3, 14.

To learn how this system works and about the cause of edema, I told here. Well, as a result we got an imbalance in hormones, which are responsible for the removal of water and salt, puffy face and dry throat. Who say that we lose potassium and magnesium they right on 100. Hypomagnesemia syndrome or magnesium deficiency, and imbalance of potassium and sodium is very common for chronic alcoholics 15,16,17. Links down below. Do you remember the acetic acid, which is produced during the processing of alcohol And do you remember the fact that the body lacks glucose. Moreover, lactic acid accumulates,.

And ketone bodies. So all these factors cause acidification of the blood. Doctors call this phenomenon acidosis 18,19. As a result, the acidity of the blood decreases. We have problems. Headache Causes during a hangover are poorly understood by science. There is an evidence that this is due to the watersalt balance. Magnesium ceases to block calcium channels in cells and calcium smoothly penetrates into the cells, causing them excessively. Hence, a person has a mood of nervousness and irritability, and a headache. Moreover, changes in the watersalt balance and rehydration also causes headaches even more.

Easy explanation is brain swells. Severe headache is triggered by strong influence of alcohol on the blood vessels due to which it disrupted the normal blood flow in the head Alcohol, moreover, affects a variety of neurotransmitters and hormones that are involved in the pathogenesis of headaches, including histamine, serotonin, and prostaglandins 20,21. Another study found that acetic acid or acetate caused headaches for rats. Furthermore, there is a biochemical explanation of this fact. High levels of acetic acid caused the formation of adenosine in the brain. However, when rats received caffeine, which blocks the action of adenosine, they no longer experienced headaches. 37.

A systematic meta analys of 16 studies have shown that caffeine has no effect on the state of alcoholic intoxication during drinking 38. However, you can take note that caffeine can help eliminate headaches after hangover. Important topic is stomach. Long presence of alcohol in the stomach causing his subsequent irritation and nausea. Alcohol stimulates the production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach. Therefore, the lack of food while drinking can give you more intoxication, but the consequences of such actions are very unpleasant. About this we will talk more detailed when we will discuss methods of reduction of hangover.

There are doctors who offer you to drink alcohol when your stomach is empty in order to avoid the slow absorption of alcohol and get drunk faster. They say it is easier to control the flow immediately felt the alcohol. However, apparently these people did not have to deal with gastritis and ulcers. So, but, hard hangover or chronic ulcer a choice, I think, is not so complicated. Never, under any circumstances, do not drink when your stomach is empty. Ulcers and erosion is a huge problem. Do not take chances.

In general, we looked through all major aspects. Now the question. What to do Let’s make a small conclusion on the basis of what has been said and then talk about pills and supplements. The first thing to say. Do not smoke while drinking alcohol. Nicotine poisoning also can enhance the severity of a hangover, because under the influence of alcohol, smokers smoke more often than usual and sometimes even light up those, who do not smoke in a clear mind. Second. To reduce the hangover is important to inhibit the flow of alcohol into the blood.

Nobody says to drink less, although it would be ideal. Just drink slowly, prolonging the pleasure, to give your enzymes normally dispose of alcohol and acetaldehyde. To do this we choose nonsparkling and sugary drinks. Secondly we avoid dark spirits. The more translucent the product, the less will be an admixture in it, the smaller the hangover. Vodka is ideal. You should drink only vodka Third. Relaxing. There is a study that showed that if you’re under stress, if you’re nervous, then alcohol is absorbed faster and with higher peak concentrations.

Stress causes the acceleration of gastric emptying in 12 duodenums. And alcohol is absorbed by the small intestine a lot faster 22. So worry less and less drink. Fourth. Stomach When food is ingesting, the pyloric valve at the bottom of the stomach is closed in order to carry out the digestion of food in the chime. More about it in my tutorial here. Food during drinking alcohol can reduce the peak of blood alcohol 22 by 20. The gradual drinking guarantee of less hangover. And in addition, we protect our stomach from ulcers and irritation by this.

But there is a catch. If alcohol is more slowly absorbed, we may seem that we drank small. Heavy food stores coming alcohol in the stomach and intestines, so you getting drunk gradually, You can almost imperceptibly drunk toxic dose So, what I will say further requires consultation with a physician. If we feel problems with stomach, after drinking bouts Recommended to use any antacids. It is drugs that reduce gastric acidity. A couple of days after it, many people are experiencing heartburn and problems after the weekend of fun.

So this condition of body is not normal. Be sure to use drugs to reduce the acidity of the stomach 21. These measures significantly reduce nausea. It may not cure a hangover, but in any case will only get better. Moreover, I would recommend to use antacids even before booze it is more secure. Moreover, the composition of some of antacids include magnesium. Magnesium is an item that is lost with the active use of alcohol. Fifth. Restoring blood sugar. In the morning with a hangover is good idea to drink a sweet drink or eat sweets.

Get plenty of carbohydrates. Better not fatty sweets 23,24. In any case, if you are diabetic it is better not to drink. At all. Really. Two studies presented suggest that the consumption of sugary drinks or sweets, or even glucose both during drinking alcohol improves the general condition. Data is very small. But it is at least some actual confirmation of the effectiveness of this method. I suggest the method with usual sugar with tea or juice during hangover. Any sweet drink. But not sour! It is important not to provoke increase in.

Acidity. But during the actual drinking of alcohol is better to eat much carbohydrate foods with low in fat crackers, cookies, popcorn. They are slow an absorption, and raised blood sugar levels and reduce the nausea and discomfort. Fatty foods do not suggest targeting because it can trigger vomiting. CMT scientific approach, nutrition, health, supplements, work outs. Sixth. Vomiting and more. If the morning after a feast and during the feast, you sick or even vomit, then restrain the natural urge is not necessary. In this way, the body, by understandable way that it is necessary to gets rid of toxic substances.

Therefore, to take drugs that inhibit vomiting and relieve nausea antiemetic, is not necessary. Most likely, these unpleasant symptoms will pass after a heavy drinking. There is a myth that the scouts who had drunk with colleagues, had a tough recommendation cause vomiting after a feast. And this is reasonable. During vomiting, be sure to drink plenty of fluids. Better warm. Warm water helps stomach release more easily. In the morning is highly recommended to empty the bowel and to clear the stomach. Alcohol irritates the intestine and can act as a laxative.

Therefore, if you have diarrhea it is a good thing. All because decay products of alcohol are still in the intestine, mixed with feces may be an additional buffer and feed you from morning by decay products of ethanol alcohol under the influence of intestinal flora. This is called the second wave of intoxication due to alcohol, further stand out from the intestinal depot into the blood during liquefaction of food and feces, unfortunately I did not found any scientigic data about it, but scientists say it is works Therefore, the cardinal, but the right decision an enema or laxative.

Laxative recommend on the basis of salts. They act quickly and effectively. For example, classical magnesia, Carlsbad, or salt, or magnesium sulfate. Sold in pharmacies. It is worth a penny. One portion for one glass of water. Do not forget to drink constantly. As a result, you will for 23 hours run every 15 minutes in the bath room, but this method is extremely effective. And it is better consult with a doctor sitting on the toilet rim. It is better to vomit maximum several times. Once it is a good idea to clear the stomach. But frequent vomiting can be cause of MalloryWeiss.

lifethreatening bleeding from torn mucosa of the lower esophagus and stomach which bordering with it. You can completely tear your mucosa. Therefore, vomiting, laxative or enema and you will be as cool as cucumber. It is wildly, yes. On the other hand, as efficient as that you cannot find. Many offer to drink activated charcoal. It is possible to use chelators or some type of like that. It is even possible that it will be effective. But too late. If you use such methods right at the time drinking alcohol, drinking activated charcoal and vodka it can help.

But then the effect of the alcohol will be smaller. And in the morning, when it’s all gone half way in the intestine chelators just will not going to get into your gut to your yesterday’s dinner. Therefore, the best option is to use this method immediately after the feast and before going to bed it is very effectively. One or two portions of drug, or according to instructions. It is up to you. Seventh. Water balance and acidity of the blood. We have already talked about the mechanism of fluid loss.

It is important to recover aqueous balance and saline. Do you know why it is so effective in the marinade Marinade is salt, sodium chlorine and water. It is in fact the water and salts that we have lost. Might as well enjoy and mineral water. That is why it helps this is water and salt. But the marinade is not the best method. Scientific approach requires scientific solutions. What should we do We need to fill the water Balance, acidity of the blood return to normal, fill the salt Balance.

We should buy drug named rehydron at the pharmacy, and soda in the shop. For those who are not informed rehydron is saline. It is used to fill the watersalt and acid balance body. Safe and effective piece. we should dilute 1 portion per liter of water. Add about 5 grams of soda. Soda effectively shifts the acidity of the blood to the alkaline side. There are studies on this subject, subjects was a dog, links down below 25,29. That what we need, as we in acidosis. We should drink a whole liter.

Drink this according to scheme. It’s simple first two glasses of water. Then a break for 10 minutes. The next portion half cup. And again, a break of 10 minutes. Then a glass. And another 10 minutes half a cup. So for half an hour you drink a liter of water, which is sufficient for our purposes. But struggling with dehydration, the body holds a passive reflex detoxification too. So when you drink a liter of solution, you will have activate urination. It’s good. Attention! If you drink a laxative on the basis of magnesium sulfate advice below is not for you.

You will already have enough salt. But if you are not weak it is recommended to add to rehydron Tablets Panangin or Asparkam. Every pharmacy has it. These preparations contain potassium and magnesium salts. About leaching of magnesium we talked earlier. Crush 45 tablets, dissolve them in a liter rehydron. After drank this solution, you should continue to drink normal drinking water, coffee or tea. Especially caffeine tablets will be OK. It will be as a painkiller. The more drink, the more effective will be detoxification. My friend Gleb, with whom we filmed releases about injections, operates an emergency room physician.

Quite often, it comes after people after festivities. Tomorrow, patient has a business meeting and he or she is not able to get up from the bed. Then doctors put a drip into a vein pour saline read NaCl and glucose. Specifically, a socalled Ringer’s solution. Plus, there are added vitamins minerals, and some tranquilizers. Plus, sometimes drugs for heart. You will sleep soundly, run to the bathroom, forget about dry trees at once, sleep for a long time. Everything is good, but it worth the money. Additionally, physicians poured into the 4percent solution of sodium hydrogen carbonate to control acidosis.

Droppers are very effective. But not everyone can afford that. So, our method is basically a dropper, but not in the vein, but into the stomach. Eighth. Good, but a very difficult thing. Moving. To reduce acidosis, you can walk, breathe your fumes on the fresh air. By the way, the smell of fume is the smell of acetaldehyde. And this is not the smell from stomach, but out from the lungs. More active breathing more quickly removes excess acetaldehyde breathing. It is effective And what about sober Just one shot of vodka and all will be fine.

I think it is clear for you that it is the worst option. But why does it work It’s simple. Do you ever hear something about methanol This is an extremely toxic poison connection. However, in conjunction with ethanol, alcohol conventional food safe and is found in some beverages. Especially in low quality. Or improperly cooked. Methanol neutralized usual alcohol. And in the morning we feel the effect of methanol. This may explain the temporary cessation of symptoms of a hangover. Since methanol effectively neutralized while drinking no negative effects.

But once ethanol has ceased to enter in our body we feel the residual effects of methanol poisoning micro dose. This is one explanation of a hangover. Here we are talking about small doses, of course 26, 27. What about tablets, drugs I deliberately left this method on the end. And not because drugs are bad. Just because most of the drugs from a hangover is not effective. It assists mainly as painkillers. But it has its own side effects. You cannot mix up drugs and alcohol! Often the cause of fatal or critical consequences from alcohol is not the amount of drunk alcohol.

dangerous to life is the combination of alcohol with medications. All jars from hangover has no or little effect. Money down the drain. And their cost is not small. You have not a liter of water and salts in the body and you drink some syrup with the hope that it will help you. It will not help. Painkillers certainly help, but have severe side effects. Do you need it At least everything that is presented in the market in my personal opinion unreasonably expensive and not effective.

Variety of painkillers can help. But it is extremely harmful. Paracetamol in any case, will be dangerous it is toxic in combination with alcohol and a strong effort on the liver 28.Links down below. Aspirin or acetylsalicylic acid an effective antiinflammatory and analgesic. Still used naproxen. The problem is that these tools are very aggressive towards the stomach. It is not recommended to apply them. Take ibuprofen with alcohol is prohibited. Headache tablets, often aspirin tsitramon, special medications AlkaSeltzer, etc. made on the basis of the same aspirin, but worth twice as much. Feedback is negative due to excessive load on the liver.

Tsitramon altogether is composed of paracetamol, which in combination with alcohol causes a direct hepatotoxic effects. Therefore, any pills to treat hangover a very bad idea. Exceptionally bad. Therefore it is better to enjoy the recommendations that I gave you befre. From headaches caffeine can help very well. There are pills form. I recommend. So! What we have CMT scientific approach, nutrition, health, supplements, work outs. Lets talk about Tolfenamic acid TA is an inhibitor of the synthesis of prostaglandins agents that inhibit the formation of peripheral mediators of pain.

Prostaglandin, the use of which significantly reduces hangover symptoms 30. However necessary to consider that in the subjects took the study medication containing 200 mg of tolfenamic acid prior to drinking, i.e. so, how much it will relief hangover symptoms if we use it after feast is not known. But use it during party is ok. Gamma linoleic acid GLA GLA is an essential omega6 fatty acid that appears in evening primrose oil, borage oil, rapeseed oil, soybeans, walnuts, flaxseed linseed oil, railing, chia seeds, hemp seeds. In the body, GLA is synthesized from linoleic acid LA by the enzyme delta6desaturase.

In one study unpublished, unfortunately, such as the GLK significantly reduces hangover symptoms 31. VITAMINS The group of people who on the eve drank a glass of 40 vodka based on the total proportion of alcohol at 100 grams per person, when receiving a mixture consisting of 250 mg of dry yeast, 0.5 mg of thiamine, 0.5 mg pyridoxine hydrochloride, 0.5 mg of riboflavin there was a significant improvement in the state of alcohol withdrawal reduction in symptoms of discomfort, nervousness and restlessness. 32 Vitamin B6 pyritinol its synthetic equivalent reduces the number of hangover symptoms by about 50 in one study 36.

Seventeen men and women took part in the experiment. Fifty percent of the participants received 1200 mg of vitamin B6 400 mg at the beginning of the party, 400 mg every three hours and 400 mg after the party, and the other half of the subjects received a placebo. As a result, vitamins reduced hangover in two times. The mechanism of this effect is unknown. Studies of other vitamins, including vitamin C did not complete. I recommend to make injections of Milgamma a complex of vitamin B group the day before drinking. According to scientific approach, not based on some pseudoscience opinion.

STACK Antipohmelin The combination of green ginger, turmeric, pepper, green tea extract, salt, citric acid and ascorbic acid and fructose, proved itself as an excellent means to combat hangover so the researchers considered 33 Mixture of calcium carbonate and charin fact, the study tested a commercial preparation Party Smart consisting of a combination of 615 mg of calcium carbonate and 345 mg of vegetable coal, which used before and after party but globally are probably not. but maybe there they still have some secret ingredients are there, who knows ,.

Which takes in the process of alcohol abuse 2 capsules before and after every 23 hours for another 2 capsules. The graph shown presents data on the average point of hangover and alcohol in the blood after 10 hours after ingestion of alcohol 34. But it seems that it was a not objective research which was financed by company of this drug. And there’s a study in 2005 7, the most common remedies for a hangover that gave by Google in 2005 There is many type of thing, aspirin, vitamins, etc.

The conclusion drawn by scientists failed to find convincing evidence to support the effectiveness of any of the drugs products substances for preventing or treating alcohol hangover. Science does not know the best method of treatment. Generally, additives are not work well. Restoration of watersalt balance a bit of additives the best option. In general, let’s summarize and make a conclusion! Ideal scheme. An hour before alcohol drinking we drink booze antacids. Drink during and after. Four pills would be enough. 03141.000,03144.000 We drink only light nonsparkling drinks.

Do not smoke, avoid nicotine poisoning. We eat carbohydrate lowfat crackers and so on. If there is a desire to vomit does not hold it back. It is advisable to drink slowly, slowly in a calm peaceful state of mind. When we go to bed, if, of course we are able, start drinking chelators. And more, drinking plenty of water. In the morning we got up, pulled out, drank antacids. And other painkillers do not accept. This is very harmful. Then we begin to think if it is very bad and there is a desire you can do an enema or use magnesium sulfate.

If there is no desire, and it is most likely to be, then move on. During all the action we constantly drink water. It will help us. We eat a lot of sweet and nonsour drinks. For God’s sake, do not drink 10 liters at once. You can because of it Moderation the guarantee of health. Energy drinks is not recommended because they are usually acidic, which is not good for the stomach in our state of body. We drink strong coffee or a couple of tablets seized with caffeine.

If you have a home vitaminmineral complex and even yeast all this, we can drink. Only few pills. Then solvent rehydron in one liter of water. It is not bad to mix this up with sugar. Then our problem with sweet drink will be solved. Yet we can add sypim asparkam or pananginum. But if you used magnesium sulfate, then the previous step is skipped. Scheme for severe male rehydron portion into a glass 2 caffeine pills plus vitaminmineral complex with a high content of vitamins B, asparkam, Pananginum.

Knead in a liter of water and drink. The scheme for the rich call the doctor put a dropper. Scheme for rogue do not drink. Friends! how do YOU freshen the nip Tell us about it in the comments to the tutorial. Remember, if the hangover is not treated, it passes in a single day. If treat it ten days. If the you reckon that this material was useful, subscribe to our channel CMT scientific approach. Button is in the corner of the screen. Doing so, you can watch out for interesting materials.

As you know, I have opened a website. There we are publishing fresh and useful material on the subject of nutrition and work outs, health, supplements and exercise. As for the discussion we have a forum where you can find people with similar interests and points of views. Link to this material in the description below. There’s also a reference to the scientific sources and literature to those who shout WHERE IS THE LINKS Links to a website, on my page VKontakte, in our Group VKontakte, to my Instagram and tweeter is also in the description below.

Join to our group, add to friends, subscribe to all the social networks in order to follow the news and be always up to date. If you have suggestions for next topic for my new tutorial On our website, we have special thread for your suggestions. Leave your comments down below and do not forget to tell your friends about this tutorial. I hope this tutorial will help you. Thanks for watching, and of course good luck and courage for you, to achieve all your goals. CMT scientific approach, nutrition, health, supplements, work outs.

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