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Acid Stomach Remedies Pregnancy

Can you recommend any homemade remedies for constipation while pregnant A big bowl of oatmeal would work. And you could dump some of it in the tub to help with your skin. I am serious. So am I. A high fiber diet will help with the constipation. I might as well start eating prunes. That wouldn’t hurt. Though you’ll need to start drinking more, too. The doctor said I can’t have more than a glass of wine a week. And nonalcoholic beer is a cruel joke. I meant water. Constipation is often the result of drinking enough water for one, when you.

Need to be drinking for two. Though I can’t eat for two. Another cause of constipation is dehydration, especially if you have morning sickness. You might need to get morning sickness under control or drink more in the afternoon to make up for it. I am afraid this stomach bug is going to be with me for a few more months. You could cut out liquids that dehydrate you like coffee and cola. Switch to soups and broths if you need to get energized and hydrated after throwing up. It can not be worse than the aftertaste of throwing up ginger ale.

Trust me, throwing up ginger pills with a tang of stomach acid is worse. I have heard of herbal remedies that can treat constipation. You could take psyllium tablets, if you aren’t allergic to ragweed. Or pick up some granola bars at the grocery store, which taste a lot better while containing just as much fiber. Some of those chocolate dipped granola bars have as much sugar as a candy bar. So get a Fiber One granola bar to get over your guilt. Or eat the chocolate dipped granola bar and tell people it is for the baby.

Homemade Remedies for Constipation While Pregnant

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