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Acid Stomach Pain Diarrhea

In this tutorial, I will talk about Abdominal Pain or Stomach Pain If you have any pain or vague discomfort in the abdomen, this could mean an abdominal problem. It is not that easy to find the cause of the pain, but I will give you a guide. First we have to check on the history Where is the pain located When did the pain start What kind of pain are you feeling Is it a squeezing pain Is it on and off like a spasm Or is it a continuous pain Do you diarrhea or any past operations in.

The abdomen All these questions will help the doctor find the cause. In this table, I will give you some clues on the possible causes If the pain is on and off, then it could be a benign colic. If there is diarrhea, then it could be acute gastroenteritis If the pain is in the center and you feel it’s acidic and frequently missed your meals. Consider gastritis or an ulcer. If the pain is on the right upper side, and if it occurs after eating fatty or oily foods, then consider a gallbladder inflammation or.

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