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Acid Stomach Over Counter Medicine

Welcome to health care at home In our previous episode we were talking about acid reflux. So, what can be done to prevent from acid reflux. See the most good thing, in the morning with an empty stomach if you will consume 1 cup of wheatgrass juice then you will get relief in the problem acid reflux. One thing to remember that don’t eat or drink anything after drinking wheatgrass juice And you will notice that within few days the problem of acid reflux is ruled out from its roots Along with the do one more thing if you are facing too much problem of acid reflux.

Then mix 12 spoon of baking soda in 1 glass of water consume this water after mixing baking soda See, baking soda is a basic substance It neutralize PH means it neutralize acids When acid started neutralized then you start getting relief in acid reflux. Along with this do one more remedy, take a sugar free chewing gum after having your food And chew it for half n hour With this lot of saliva will be generated and that will go into your stomach When this saliva will go inside your stomach then it will neutralize your stomach.

And you will start getting relief in acid reflux. One more thing you can do before your meal Mix 1 spoon of apple cider vinegar in 1 glass of water and consume this water before having your meal With this also you will get relief in acid reflux. But its results vary according to different people. So, if you start getting relief after doing this. Then you must continue this If you start facing problem after doing this then immediately discontinue this. Because some people are really benefited by this and some people got its adverse affects.

Home Remedies For Acid Reflux Part 2 II 2 II

So, try this remedy once and if you got relief then you can do this remedy further and if you are not getting relief then discontinue this And with this you can use Yellow mustard seeds mustard contains alkaline properties which neutralized acids. So, whenever the problem is acid reflux is getting higher then what you have to do Take yellow mustard and chew it. After chewing it then swallow this with some water. You will notice within 1520 min you will start getting relief in aid reflux Along with this if you could eat 45 almonds after every meal.

Even then you will get so much of relief in acid reflux but make sure that eat almonds by chewing thoroughly. and if it possible for you then soak the almonds for overnight and carry those overnight soaked almonds if you are going to office or anywhere else and whenever you eat anything , if you eat 34 almonds after eating that also chewing thoroughly then you will get so much of relief in acid reflux. You must do one more remedy before 20 min of your meal , its also an effective remedy.

Boil ginger Boil a big piece of grated ginger in 1 glass of water after boiling strain this water if you consume this water before 20 min of your meal even then you get so much of relief in problem of acid reflux Along with this some of the exercise are extremely necessary for you to do You must to one of the pranayama Kapalbhati pranayama Along with do agnisar kriya in which you breathe out and do your stomach in and out side By doing agnisar kriya also you get so much of relief in acid reflux.

You must walk for 1520 min once you wake up with this also you will get relief in acid reflux And if possible do swimming. This is also very good as with this you got your stomach exercised. And those who do swimming they got so much of relief in the problem of acid reflux. Along with its necessary to have a sound sleep its necessary to have a 78 hours of night sound sleep If you are awaken till 23 am and then you are sleeping late in morning this will only increase the problem.

Sleep in night and have 78 hours of nap Means early to bed and early to rise if you are awaken before sun rise if you sleep after sun set or after 10 pm in the night then you will have lower chances to have problem of acid reflux So, just follow these easyeasy remedies get rid of acid reflux. Rest our wish is only that you stay healthy, busy, carefree and be with us. And to meet us you have to subscribe this channel. Tell to your friends relatives.

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