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Acid Stomach Orange Juice

Hey Fitlifer. Drew Canole. Welcome to this week’s Saturday Strategy. I’m excited you’re here coz on today’s Saturday Strategy, I’m gonna show you my secret Nootropic Juice recipe. Now the reason this is a secret is because this is something that we’ve used to completely change our mental clarity in the morning, boost your brains up, revs up your metabolism, analogy that I like to use is that if your could remember this, when you were a kid, running through the field first day of spring, smell the fresh cut lawn and the sun shining.

Down on you after a long winter, this is what this orange juice is gonna feel like. So you wake up in the morning, you want that instant metabolism boost, you want your brain fired up so that you could face the day and be the most productive person that you know you can be. So what are the 7 ingredients in my secret Nootropic juice recipe Number one, the most important ingredient in this, is Oranges. Most people buy orange juice in the store that’s pasteurized, meaning its heated up, its killed a lot of the enzymes. This fresh.

Oranges are loaded with betacarotene and I like to call ’em the sweet sister of the lemon. They taste great. Lemons alkalize your body, its so does this sweet sister. Its gonna alkalize your body in the morning and in alkaline state, your brain and your body operate much more effectively. Next stop, we have cucumbers. When you stumble out of bed when you wake up in the morning, you got to hydrate your body. It’s important to drink at least a liter of water or you can simply have this juice recipe first thing in the morning. And when.

My Secret Nootropic Orange Juice Recipe

You do, cucumbers, one of these guys, is about 3 glasses of water which are amazing, loaded with a lot of Silica, great antiaging properties. Another one, one of y favorite things I’m gonna add to this juice recipe, is the Jalapeno. I like spicy food I’m gonna put a little bit in there when its spicy, it has an active ingredient in this Jalapeno that actually thins your blood which is good for your circulation. Turmeric, one of the greatest antioxidants in the planet and is antiinflammatory. Meaning, its gonna rid the inflammation in your brain.

When you get rid of the inflammation in your brain, what happens Your thoughts starts happening quicker. You can live on purpose Fitlifer. You can start making creatively, writing and doing all those things that maybe, you haven’t done in awhile but you love to do and you know you want to do ’em. So, turmeric is awesome. We got MCT oil, a lot of long distance runners use this. And according to herblist, basil actually helps with cerebral circulation. Cerebral circulation increasing the neurosynapsis of your brain, you think more quickly, you become more effective, and that is what its all about. Coconut, acts.

Like a transport, used in the Vietnam war as saline bags and nutrients become 40 more absorbable when you combine them with coconut water. This maybe the very best juice recipe that you’ve ever drank in your whole entire life. First of, you gotta peel your oranges. We have 2 cucumbers, were gonna drop those in the juicer. We have a handful of Basil, knuckles of turmeric, and we have our Jalapeno and were gonna add our MCT oil with coconut water to finish it off. Here we go. The moment of truth. That’s amazing. I invest with you.

Every single week with this Saturday Strategy tutorials Fitlifer. It’s time for you to invest in yourself. Do that by clicking the link below. The juice with drew system has everything that you need to take you to that next level. To wake up in the morning with more energy. It’s loaded with recipes, you can test your metabolic type on what type of food you should be eating that gives you a grocery store list what to get in the grocery store. Because let’s face it. There’s a lot of misinformation out there and your probably not getting the.

Body that you want. It also has a particular mindset protocol in there that can reshape your mind to start craving the food that actually love your body. It’s a small investment. You can get that by clinking the link below. Right now. So who won the juicer last week The juicer is going out to Paula. Paula won the juicer because she just got 50 and her back gets breaking, she’s encouraging everybody in her community to start juicing. Her blood work is back, it’s never been better. She lost 42 pounds, so congratulations Paula.

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