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Acid Stomach Oatmeal

Is my baby ready for baby food You know the kid is ready for baby food or solid food in general, when they can crawl over, pick it up and eat it. I know that’s a general guideline If your kid can crawl over and eat the cereal you spilled or the bug on the floor, they are eating solid food whether you want them to or not. My kid cannot crawl yet. Doctors usually say not to do baby food, until the kid can sit upright on their own.

That would be around four months or so. I know a lot of people add rice cereal or ultrafine oatmeal to formula to try to fill the baby up at night, on the hope they’ll sleep four or five hours instead of two or three. My friend says that can cause food allergies. It may or may not cause food allergies to give them solids too soon, but it can create digestive problems because their stomachs are not ready for it. You’ll get a kid sleeping soundly, until they start crying with the superpoops.

As if I did not have enough to deal with. Giving them solid foods too soon can also cause gas, and you already have enough issues getting your kid to burp. You can probably put the kid in a high chair at four or five months old and put Cheerios in front of it. Let the kid practice hand eye coordination while feeling like a big person. That lasts up to and until they start throwing the food. When you start giving the kid baby food, start with stuff that is hard to spill and easy.

Is My Baby Ready for Baby Food

To digest like banana puree, apple sauce, rice cereal and oatmeal. Avoid acidic foods that can cause acid reflux. As if they do not spit up enough as is. There’s conflicting advice on what to give kids early or late to reduce the risk of food allergies just give the kid one or two things at the meal and see if they react. Aside from the funny faces as they taste test pickles that you can upload to , what type of reactions are you talking about If the kid gets a rash around the mouth, an upset stomach, superpoops that are not due.

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