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Acid Stomach Menopause

UnitedHealthcare Ask the Expert Janice Huckaby Women’s Health Expert A viewer asks, What is a typical age when a woman can know if she’s in menopause A lot of people think that menopause will just suddenly happen but for most of us it’s more of a gradual decline. We notice things like vaginal dryness, our periods getting irregular maybe increased irritability and often we just want to say, is it over yet We do know that for most women in the western world, menopause occurs at about age 51 which means there are people.

Obviously earlier and some later, but usually about that age. Menopause for doctors is defined as six months without having a menstrual period for a woman who is in her, at the end of her reproductive age. So if you’ve been that six months without menstrual periods you can go to your doctor and there is a blood test they can do to see if you have indeed become menopausal. While it’s not maybe important to know the minute that you become menopausal since there can be other health issues with menopause that you may want to discuss with your physician.

Knowing reasonably soon is probably a good thing. For instance, we want to start worrying a little more about bone health and osteoporosis at menopause. And so getting started on calcium or those kind of measures can be important. Secondly if you are one of those women at menopause who is suffering from hot flashes, or vaginal dryness of that type of thing, it’s good to know where you stand so that your physician can discuss whether you’re a candidate for hormone replacement to help with some of those symptoms. So if you’re.

The Average Age of Menopause Dr. Janice Huckaby UHC TV

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