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Acid Stomach Hangover

What is the best way to get rid of hangover nausea Get a time machine and keep yourself from getting drunk. Now I think you’re drunk or stoned. If I had a time machine, that’s not what I’d be doing with it. No, I’m not stoned, just dreaming. If you were still drinking, I’d suggest drinking more water and tonic and juice. What for A large part of hangover nausea is due to dehydration. I was drinking. Yes, but it was alcohol. That is dehydrating, and your body has to use its limited liquid.

Reserves to remove the toxin that is alcohol. Should I drink water to get rid of the hangover It will certainly shorten the duration of the headache and alcohol poisoning you are suffering now. I wonder if I ought to drink orange juice. Orange juice is good for you, as is any juice with vitamin C. Do drink that, but stay away from the aspirin. The aspirin helps with the headache. The aspirin plus the alcohol could be a toxic combination for your liver. And the aspirin could irritate your stomach to top it all off.

Do you have any other suggestions Enjoy a banana, apple or some other low acid fruit. Or dry toast. White crackers are a standard food when you’re sick to your stomach. Yet I’ve heard that a greasy breakfast is good for a hangover. It may be a good excuse to eat all the bacon left in the fridge, but it doesn’t cure the hangover. In fact, the grease could give you heartburn. Not what I need if I have nausea. AlkaSeltzer contains baking soda, so it can help ease your stomach. But you shouldn’t.

Best Way to Get Rid of Hangover Nausea

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