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Acid Stomach Erosion

Hi, I’m Dr. Tim Ehrlich, a practicing surgeon, and part of the Patient Education and Advocacy Team at Bariatric Surgery Source. I’m here to tell you about people I know who are struggling with Lap Band surgery. The band can be a phenomenal tool if used correctly. In the United States, close to 450,000 people are walking around with a Lap Band, and the truth is, I cannot predict who will and won’t be successful. So why are some of my patients successful and others so miserable I think so many have it engrained in their psyche that to lose weight they must be torchered.

Just like diets because that is all they’ve ever known. They go with a band that is too tight for too long, and this leads to most of the problems. Look, at first things are great, the weight is coming off. But it does get harder. We educate our patients to stay in the green zone once they start getting band fills. In this zone, they think about food less, they’re satisfied with small meals, and they lose weight, albeit slowly. If they get a fill that is too tight, this can put them.

Into the red zone, and they begin to have problems. They suffer with heartburn, a cough at night, vomiting and getting food stuck. It is a downward spiral if they don’t get the fluid removed. It is not normal to vomit after any weight loss surgery, and if you are vomiting, you need to be seen by your doctor. Every time a lap band patient vomits, or gets something stuck, they are stretching out their new stomach pouch, and this can lead to a shift in the band called a pouch dilatation and eventually lead to a slippage. If caught early, this.

Lap Band Problems, Complications Risks

Stretching of the stomach can be reserved, and you can go on to live a happy life with your band. Or, maybe the problems are being caused by an erosion of your band. Everyone who has a band needs a scope every once in a while to make sure this is not happening. Bariatric Surgery Source’s network of top surgeons may be able to help you live more comfortably and more happily with your band and ultimately help you go on to lose more weight. here to search our directory of top surgeons and contact them today so they can.

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