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Acid Stomach Baking Soda

UnitedHealthcare Ask the Expert Mia Cuddihy General Medicine Expert This viewer asks, Is baking soda a good antacid Baking soda is one of the earliest treatments for acid burning that was discovered based on the properties of sodium bicarbonate, which is a neutralizer of acid. Since this medication was first discovered there have been many other medications that are actually probably better for your health than sodium bicarbonate. Baking soda or sodium bicarbonate contains sodium at a fairly high amount of 1200 milligrams. And therefore, for people that are older, over 50, with hypertension, excess sodium could be harmful to their health.

There are quite a few other choices for acid burning. You can have a tablet form of calcium, magnesium or aluminum, which were sort of the second generation of acid medications. And, since that time, there are actually quite a few newer medications that actually block the acid production. They are histamine two blockers, proton pump inhibitors. And these medications are now available over the counter. It’s always a good idea to discuss medical choices with your physician. Acid reflux could reflect a greater problem, so it’s very important to always see your physician and discuss all these options. While sodium bicarbonate is.

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