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Acid Reflux Zucchini

Welcome to Beyond Organic Kitchen. I’m your host Dr. Axe. On this show we’re going to be going over how to eat beyond organic, so eating the healthiest foods in the world. We’re going to be talking about superfoods. And today I’ve got what I’m calling the Powerburger, and this burger is packed with veggies and it’s also made of what we call greenfed beef. That’s grassfinished beef. It’s fed grass 100 of the year. So you’ll see our beef here. Also here today we have some squash, zucchini, onion, and we’ve got some parsley cut up here.

And there are different variations to this Powerburger. And we already have some cooking at the grill. Right now we’re actually at Embers here in Franklin, Tennessee, and this is your resource for everything outdoor cooking, indoor cooking. Actually, they’ve got some amazing outdoor kitchens here, which is something I’m excited about, probably eventually getting in my future house. So again, just great set up here. We appreciate them letting us use their facilities. So starting off here with greenfed beef. Now here’s what you want to make sure you’re getting when you are buying beef today. You want to make sure that it’s grassfed. So.

Most cattle today are fed corn. They’re fed grains. When that happens, their fats are high in omega6 fats. You want your beef to be high in omega3 fats, which is what greenfed is. So really there are three categories of beef that I consider. You have number one, which is going to be conventional. Conventional is full of hormones, steroids. You want to stay away from it. Organic is good, and sometimes organic is fed grass, but it’s only 30 of the year. Greenfed beef is fed grass 100 of the year, so it has high levels of omega3s.

Healthy Powerburgers

At one to two ratio, which is exactly what you want. This is actually what we call Beyond Organic beef, from the company Beyond Organic. So starting off here with this greenfed beef, high in omega3s like we’re talking about. And the next thing we’re going to do here, once you kind of get the beef laid out here on a plate, is you’re going to just start cutting up some squash and zucchini. And so I just cut the ends off there like so, and then we’re going to cut them up in just small.

Little pieces, and so I’m going to go here like so, cut off a few pieces. And then once I get them stacked back in order, I’m going to make about three to four cuts across. And then what I’m going to do is go back over them. Again, three or four times like so. Okay So that’s how you’re going to cut them up in small little pieces like this. So we’ve already got most of this cut up. Again, we just cut them up, just wanted to show that to you guys there. So again, squash, zucchini, onion. Squash is a great form of.

Carbohydrates. Zucchini is actually very high in Vitamin A and Vitamin K, but again very high in Vitamin A. Great for your system. Onions have allicin in them and sulfur, two things that naturally detoxify your body. And allicin actually kills off bad bacteria in your system. Very, very important. So I’ve got all these nutrients cut up. Last thing here we’re going to add in is some parsley. And so with parsley, you’re simply just going to take a knife. You’re just going to chop that up just as finely as you possibly.

Can and add that. And I’ll tell you, parsley, this is something a lot of people don’t realize. Now parsley is an herb, but it’s actually more nutrientdense than kale. It’s higher in Vitamin A, higher in Vitamin K, high in calcium. So a very, very nutrientdense super herb there. So we’re going to add that to the mixture as well. So we’re just going to start off here, and we’re going to add the entire mixture here of these veggies, and then I’m going to go ahead and take all this parsley together and.

Add that on as well. Then we’re just going to go ahead and start making these burger patties like so, getting all these mixed together. Okay And we’ve got our grill out there already fired up, and it’s getting warmed up. We’re getting those burgers cooked, so we’ll go ahead and keep getting everything mixed here. And there are different things you can add to this. Now this is one of my favorites. Also sometimes I like adding mushroom. So cutting up some mushrooms real small. The mushroom and onion flavor is absolutely delicious.

Now once we get it mixed up a little bit, I’m also going to add in some sea salt, okay, and some black pepper. So you’re going to do about a quarter of a teaspoon of sea salt, okay, and I’m just kind of eyeballing it here. And then you’re going to add in some black pepper. Same thing. I typically do about a fourth of a teaspoon. We’re going to go ahead and douse that on there. I like a lot of pepper. All right. Then we’re going to go ahead and.

Continue to get this mixed up here. Okay And let me say a few other things here about the beef. Now when you’re talking about greenfed or grassfed beef, it’s high in omega3 fats, great source of protein. Also though, it’s a great source of CLA. That’s conjugated linoleic acid. And CLA is one of the number one fatburning supplements on the market today. And so I’ve heard people say before or I’ve asked them, Are you healthy Do you eat healthy Yes, I’m healthy, but I don’t eat red meat. The.

Truth is red meat is great for your body as long as it’s not grain fed, as long it’s grassfed. Hey, red meat has a lot of health benefits, and in fact, it can help your body burn fat, lose weight, and the omega3 fats have actually been shown to help reduce blood pressure. It’s been shown to help reduce inflammation naturally in your system. So very important. So we’ve got our beef here. We’re going to go ahead and turn this thing here into two patties, break it up here. And so we’re going to get our two patties, depending on how big.

You like the burgers, its up to you, but this is about a. I guess about a fiveounce patty right there. So we go ahead and got one patty here. Going to get another one. And then we’re going to go out there and throw these babies on the grill. All right. Who knew grilling can be so healthy. All right, we’re going to go and take this outside and so just follow me out there. All right, we’re now outside at the Big Green Egg, and we’re about to cook up our greenfed.

Beef here, part of our Beyond Organic Kitchen. So we’re going to go ahead and take these power burgers and lay them on the grill. We’re going to cook them on each side for about anywhere from typically 8 to 10 minutes. So we’re going to go ahead, lay our beef patties on there, get them cooking here on our Big Green Egg, and you can see we have some of our garnishes here. We’ll talk about that in the end. Also, once we flip these, I’m going to add on some of the raw cheese. You can do raw goat cheese or raw Beyond Organic.

Cow Cheese. And cheese is great because it’s similar to beef. It’s high in CLA, good source of omega3 fats. If it’s grassfed and grassfinished, just make sure you’re buying raw cheese and beef that is grassfed. So we’re going to go ahead and let this burgers cook up here about 15 minutes, and I’ll be right back. All right, we are ready for the finished product. We’re going to go ahead and open up the Big Green Egg here, and our burgers are ready to go now. Another thing we did is we actually.

Sliced up the leftover of the zucchini, of the squash. We actually added some bell peppers, so you can see those here. You can actually do them kind of like a kebab here, but we are getting some sauted veggies up. It’s kind of the side item there. So we’ve been letting these burgers cook up. We’re going to go ahead and get it going here. You can see the nice melted cheese. Looks really, really good. I’ll get the next burger here like so. Okay And we’ve got a very nutrientdense super meal here, these Powerburgers. And I’m just.

Going to go ahead and get the veggies off here. They may need to cook a little longer, but for you guys to see here, throw those on, get those wrapping around the burgers here. But this final recipe, remember, high in omega3 fats, high in CLA, helps your body burn fat and lose weight. Also you’ve got the veggies, the zucchini, the onions, the parsley, the squash. Very, very healthy dish here. Who knew grilling out could be so healthy. Thanks to Embers for supplying the Big Green Egg here, and we’ll be back again next week.

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