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Acid Reflux Zofran

Congratulations on the new baby! How do you feel I’m not really sure. How should I feel at 6 weeks pregnant Nausea and queasy would be normal at this stage. About four out of every five pregnant women has morning sickness at this point. I’m able to manage that with saltines and ginger ale. I wish I could have a beer! Exhaustion is also common. Part of that is the body changes to nourish the baby, and part of it is the vomiting. The biggest thing I feel is an urge to pee. Though not this moment, but it will be soon.

Ugh. The baby puts pressure on the bladder, and your body is filtering out the waste of two. If only that were fair compensation for eating for two! You shouldn’t be eating much more at this point, just take prenatal vitamins. The baby is less than an inch long right now. I feel bloated, but I don’t show. You’ll start showing in your second trimester, when the baby is bigger. The bloating is either water retention or the extra blood your body is making. My breasts are getting bigger. I’m sure the baby’s father likes that.

Right now, yeah. When my stomach sticks out, not so much. Are you having heartburn or indigestion Aside from the morning sickness Yeah. Some women get heartburn because the muscle at the top of the stomach to contain stomach acid relaxes. What about feeling nervous and anxious I do worry about a lot these days. The nesting instinct, where you are tempted to clean the whole house, tends to kick in during the last month. Right now, that’s just worrying about the big responsibility you’ll face in about seven months. It’s not that big right now.

How Should I Feel at 6 Weeks Pregnant

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