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Acid Reflux Yoga Poses

What’s up everyone Welcome to Yoga With Adrian. I am Adrian and today we are going to release unwanted toxic gas from our system, digestive system that is, with windrelieving pose. Not joking. That is what it’s called. Pavanamuktasana, I think, in Sans Script. Still working on those. Windrelieving pose, head to knee pose, such a great post to massage the abdominal wall to relieve bloating. That’s good. Also really great for the lower back, so this is our foundational pose of the day. Hop on the mat and let’s let it all out.

All right, so we’re going to begin lying flat on the back today. Let’s take a second to tuck the chin into the chest, find a little length in the back of the neck, so those are the inaudible 000103 can come to the mat here at first, knees pointing up towards the sky. Take your hands to your belly and we’re just going to sneak in a nice, deep, yummy conscious breath here. Expanding through the rib cage as you breathe in and letting the belly fall as you breathe out. Cool.

Now we’re going to take the right leg, extend it high up into the sky, so if the hami’s SP are tight which most of our hami’s are. I’ve stretched out today. Don’t worry about straightening that leg. Just send that foot up to the sky and we’re going to slowly reach the fingertips up. Interlace the fingertips, bend the right knee as you catch that chin or the top of the knee and squeeze the right knee up towards the heart. Cool. Step one, relax the shoulders, keep the chest open and the neck long. Cool.

WindRelieving Pose

We’re going to take a deep breath in here and slowly we’ll begin to extend through that left leg, so you can slide the left heel on the ground, extending long through the left leg, and then we find a little resistance. Our little opposition here as we squeeze the right knee in and up towards the heart and find a little grounding down through the left thigh. In fact, you can take your left palm to the top of the left thigh, hold for a second here and just firm the top of that left thigh bone down. Notice.

How I’m flexing through the left foot, left toes pointing up towards the sky and we’ll squeeze in here and as always, find a little bit of movement so you might rock that right knee from the shoulder to the heart. You might rotate. You might get a little bang for your buck here and rotate the right ankle one way and then the other. Then we started learning this foundational pose with a nice deep breath in, so breathe in. Fill the belly. Massaging the internal organs. Now, you can.

Stay here and if the belly is a little bit large or the chest is nice and big then no toxic thoughts. Guys just be here now, okay It’s so important to just be in your body and do your version of the pose, so you might be here. You might be here or anywhere in between and might just stay here breathing deep, checking it out, finding that opposition or you might take it one step further. Inhale in and on an exhale keep extension through the crown of the head as.

You slowly lift the nose up towards the knee. The nose can touch the knee, but really it’s not about that. That’s the intention. Again, if you have a larger chest, rock on. Just embrace that. Let the intention be nose to knee not actually literal nose to knee. Most of us naturally are here in the shoulders. Spread a little awareness out through the whole body as we breathe in here, no tension in the neck. I’m keeping extension through the crown. Again, relaxing the shoulders down. Take one more breath in here. Find a little movement if that feels.

Good and then on an exhale with control, with grace, slowly release back down and then we’re going to hug both knees into the chest. Windrelieving pose. The joys of doing athome practice. You can fart all day long. Yeah, so rock a little side to side. Squeeze both knees into the chest. If you feel any pinch or tightness, a little cramp in the sides, or the fronts of the hip creases, take your thumb in there and dig it out. You can already tell this episode’s going to have butt jokes written all over it. Okay, point.

And flex the feet here then find a little stillness when you’re satisfied. Squeeze the knees into the chest. Relax the shoulders down and away from the ears. Again, we could be here, we could be here and we might just stay here breathing into the belly, squeezing the tops of the thighs into the lower belly or on an inhale we’ll extend through the crown energetically and on exhale, slowly again begin to peel it up. Nose to the center of the knees. Again, that’s just an intention, so if you can get here, awesome. Good for.

You or maybe you were here or here or here breathing. Relaxing shoulders down and away. You can point the toes here, or flex the feet, or keep them soft, but just I think the point is to just have a little awareness. One more breath as we breathe into the lower belly. Breathe into your butt hole and then on an exhale slowly release. I have been known to say that in class. I’ve also heard that in class. Just do it. Just try it. Okay, here we go. Taking it to the other side we hug.

Now, left knee into the chest. Extend the right leg out long. Check it out on the other side again, finding a little opposition. You might take your right palm to the top of that right thigh bone. Firm it down, smooth it out, consciousness in the right foot there, relaxing the shoulders down, neck nice and long. Breathe. I can hear the wind chimes outside my house. Today it’s beautiful. Rock a little side to side if that feels good. Nice, long, smooth, deep breaths. See if you can elongate the inhale and extend that exhale. Cool.

We might just stay here breathing or we might take it a step further as you inhale. Extend energetically through the crown, through the sole of the foot. Nice long extension and on an exhale peel it up, draw the navel down finding the gentle compression in the lower belly as we squeeze and intend nose to knee. Just the intention, could be here, could be here. No tension in the neck, soft face, breathe deep, cool. Let’s take one more breath and on an exhale with control, with grace, we release back down.

Cool. Send the left foot out long and we’ll just take a full body stretch here to counteract everything. Inhale. Lower back might come up off the ground here. You might find a little wiggle waggle in the hip points. This is about letting it go, so just let it go here for a couple breaths and we’re done. All righty, so that was windrelieving pose. This pose is funny and kind of ridiculous, but really good when you think about it. Just kind of letting out that which no longer serves you whether that’s gas in your belly or.

Just energy or emotions that you’re carrying that, yeah, are no longer serving you. Let it go. I’m going to talk a little bit more about how yoga can help release these sort of things. Don’t you want my fart jokes, like, that’s all I want to do right now, but I’m not going. I’m going to do that on the blog with pictures and sounds. Maybe, I don’t know. Hop on over to the blog, YogaWithAdriene. Leave questions or comments below. As always, tend to your body, work from the inside out, listen to your guts and take good care.

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