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Acid Reflux Yellow Vomit

Oh what’s up planet earth and welcome back to another addition of the Nub TV challenge series we are here today in TC’s pub to challenge none other then Chuck from the Bronx this guy’s pretty much an animal online he just eats everything and anything and um he’s pretty classic because ah he’s not like real crazy about eating stuff so when he eats it you can tell it’s just a normal guy doing it and he gets all all tweaked so pretty much we’ve never done an eating challenge before.

And um we just dove in head first and went right for the distilled, white, vinegar um me and TC are going to crack these bottle open and chug ah a whole sixteen ounce pint so Chuck from the Bronx he’s gnarly as shit he gets like all this crazy stuff eats it drinks it or whatever he’s really fucking gnarly so you gotta check him out Hey what’s up dare it’s Chuck from the Bronx again Hey what’s up dare it’s Chuck from the Bronx this is for my good buddies.

Down at Nub TV since you guys do some crazy stuff on your channel I have a crazy challenge for you guys I challenge you to drink an entire bottle of vinegar should be easy or maybe not but i’d love to see you guys give it a shot good luck ah it’s horrible this is extremely odd because we’re used to doing like wild shit with our bodies but this is just a different way to hurt yourself so I’m just nervous because external shit when you get hurt on the outside you can see it.

Crazy Vinegar Challenge Chuck From The Bronx Challenge VOMIT ALERT

When you don’t know what’s going on on the inside it just bugs me out I’m full on trembling new bottles twoof oh my god dude it’s right to the tippy top right to the tippy top dude smell it holy shit this is so heavy i don’t know if i can get that down i’m going to fucking throw up oh my fucking god dude Chuck from the Bronx cheers mate oh my god alright it’s so fucking like salty it makes you feel like you have acid reflux and like.

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