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Acid Reflux Yellow Tongue

What your toung says about your health purple toung at Purple toung indicates that you might be having chronic bronchitis uh in such a situation oxygen is not supplied to the body efficiently purple town may also indicate high cholesterol levels poor circulation may also be the cause in this color consuming too much of cold foods can also cause the town to turn purple consuming foods like garlic and ginger me turn the color back to paint otherwise consult your doctor bright red tongue a bright red turn indicate that your body lacks essential nutrients like.

Vitamin B complex and I’m some herbalists suggest that it indicates he’d in specific organs it can also take place as a reaction to a certain type of toothpaste menacing mouthwash or aesthetic foods pair or yellow time health home indicates that might be having low hemoglobin may also indicate that even weakness pale town is also associated with problems in the lungs and Colin you can take herbs like garlic cinnamon and ginger to resolve the problem to increase your hemoglobin take spinach feature its redmeat kidney beans raisins Apple’s.

Mangoes apricots and not uh white un white tongue often means the same thing is black or yellow town bacteria stock Indian time here and its share some of the same causes to smoking dehydration tryna due to mouth breathing the white look means there are bacteria dead cells NW Weston the peopling black turn from time to time a person’s 10 may take on the black he reappearance black hairy tongue is a harmless temporary but unsightly overgrowth turn here happily that traps bacteria and other math debris red time about 10 more.

What Your Tongue Says About Your Health Health Tips Education

Often signals underlying problems and children’s health a strawberry or raspberry colored time can be won her first symptoms scarlet fever or callous IQ disease adultsized often manifest the signs but if your mouth hurts and your time look smooth and red your diet may be deficient in 97 an important B vitamins red spots texture red spots on the tongue could indicate several problems it may indicate that you have a deficiency at bioflavonoids a compound present in vitamin C uh you can get bioflavonoids from various series and citrus fruits dot consuming hot beverages may also cause red spots.

On the town dot red spots show signs of my summer X net where some other allergic reactions brown a spot on the town that has turned brown or otherwise darkly discovered could possibly be a form of skin cancer called melanoma China’s dry time tell them your body is producing too much mucus to avoid this situation cut down on dairy and sugary products another factor is stress which can cause the salivary glands to swell and therefore your time becomes dry this condition can be easily resolved by consuming a glass room in water.

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