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Acid Reflux Up Nose

HOST When my daughter spit up regularly, I assumed that it was a problem. HOST Turns out it wasn’t, but could you give us HOST some guidelines about how to know what’s normal CHERI Sure! It’s not uncommon for a baby to spitup regularly or even vomit occasionally. CHERI I tell moms that babies tend to spit up less when they’re fed in an upright position. CHERI So try keeping your baby upright for 20 to 30 minutes after feeding. CHERI If your arms get tired, you can try a front pack, backpack.

CHERI or infant seat. Or try smaller, more frequent CHERI feedings to keep from overfeeding. If you’re feeding formula make sure the hole in the CHERInipple isn’t too big. If it is, try a slower flow nipple. Sometimes a formula change can CHERIreduce spit up significantly so ask your pediatrician if this might help your baby. HOST Lately I’ve heard a lot about babies with reflux. HOST I always thought that was for older people. CHERI Not at all. Many babies experience reflux, CHERIand it can still cause a lot of gas and pain. But if you hold your baby upright.

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