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Acid Reflux Unable To Swallow

Kim Quinlan is about to have minimally invasive surgery to cure her acid reflux. It hurts, it’s sore, it’s like having a sore throat, a strep throat a lot. I have a hard time working out, doing anything physical if there is food in my stomach, even liquids because the pressure seems like it wants to back it back up my throat. Medication and diet changes can help manage gastro esophageal disease, or GERD, but not for Kim. Which is why the ‘yearold nurse searched the internet for a cure and came up with LINX, a new FDA approved device that uses a flexible band.

Of magnets enclosed in titanium beads. The idea behind it is to implant a magnetic ring around the esophagus to augment the sphincter, to make that reflux barrier stronger so that it will not readily open and allow acid reflux disease to happen. Surgery takes about an hour and unlike other GERD surgery, which is not reversible and can leave a patient unable to belch or vomit, the new LINX system is flexible, and removable, if necessary. The device is set up such that when you have the magnets implanted they have a certain.

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