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Acid Reflux Ultrasound

Nearly all leg vein problems are caused by reflux. Let me explain whenever any fluid travels in the wrong direction in the body, the term reflux is used. So for example, if acid comes up from the stomach in the wrong direction, the person is said to have acid indigestion reflux. Acid should go down to digest the food. Well, blood flow in veins should go up the legs, from the foot towards the heart. If the oneway valves inside the veins are not working properly, gravity can pull the blood down towards the foot and the.

Term vein reflux is used. This down flow of blood in the wrong direction is the root cause of varicose veins and thread veins as well as complications such as varicose eczema phlebitis and leg ulcers. Reflux is also a risk factor for DVT. Often the reflux is in the veins a little distance from the surface so you can’t see reflux in these veins by just looking at the leg. However, the refluxing back flow can reveal itself as either lumpy side branches, visible varicose veins or as thread veins. Even, if the reflux remains hidden, it can.

Cause ache, pain, throbbing, varicose eczema, leg ulcers and deep vein thrombosis. There are 3 main methods of treating superficial vein reflux the first is by injecting unhealthy vein with prescription medicines called a sclerosant and this treatment is called ultrasoundguided foam sclerotherapy. The second treatment is by using heat energy inside the vein, called endothermal ablation, either by laser or radiofrequency and the third method is with medical superglue. Each method has pros and cons and some people and their vein condition may be more suited to one of these treatments rather than the other. To correctly.

Superficial Vein Reflux

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