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Acid Reflux Ulcerative Colitis

Hi my name is Amy and this is my story. In two thousand six after dealing with labor live symptoms, and having significant blood in my stool, I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. I found this diagnosis to be very concerning because twenty seven years ago my dad was diagnosed with the same disease and as a result of it had to have an Ileostomy, the removal of his large intestine. I was devastated thinking that same thing was going to happen to me It had taken such a toll on.

My family twenty seven years ago and I just simply did not want the same for my family. I was put on the only thing out there in this day and age, the drug Asacol and the doctor told me that I had to take it pretty much for the rest of my life. After that one morning in two thousand eight I woke up with such excruciating pain, it was so bad it literal literally brought me to tears. I then went to my general practitioner and he then diagnosed.

Me after blood tests and just an over body evaluation, with the disease Lupus because my blood tests had shown as high aa score. He then told me that there was no cure for Lupus, and the only thing he could do was help me management my pain with Celebrex. Just when I thought things could get worse, a few days after that diagnosis, I woke up with severe pain in my throat to the point where I couldn’t swallow any type of foods, or drink anything. The pain then went to my chest and I felt at this time I was having.

Digestacure Ulcerative Colitis

A heart attack. I was taken to the emergency by my husband and after a lot of tests that they’ve ran I was then diagnosed with gastric esophagus reflux disorder, better known as GERD and then was prescribed Nexium. So now here I am taking three different medications. I was on Acacol, Nexium and Celebrex. One morning I woke in so much pain I got on my knees and pray to God asking Him for his help in healing me, and finding an answer to this horrible situation. As I always did before.

I, got up and Google joint pain. This time something different came up it was Digestacure. The Digestacure literature, demonstrated that everything that I was going through was due to that I had unhealthy digestive tract. I was intrigue and reading more it all make perfect sense. I felt what do I have to loose, nothing else is working for me. I then started taking Digestacure. I am so glad that I did. It took about thirty days for this product to get into me to where I could start feeling.

Like a little bit of a difference, yet after forty five days I was completely symptom free. I could hardly believe it. I went to my annual Colonoscopy not expecting to hear what I did. My mouth literally dropped. My Gastrologist said verbatim, we hardly ever experiences this with people with your condition, but for some great reason this disease is out of your system, you do not have this disease any longer I was so taken by joy could hardly believe it. My Colitis was gone, my joint pain and GERD was also gone. My life was finally mine again.

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