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Acid Reflux Throat Lump

Oftentimes patients come in with the feeling of a lump in their throat and they might not have heartburn or indigestion. When we look at the vocal cords, we can see that there is some swelling or inflammation in that area and that swelling and inflammation actually creates the feeling that there’s something there that you can’t swallow or that you need to clear your throat quite a bit. Sometimes people develop hoarseness related to that acid that comes out of the stomach and spills over into the larynx, into that area, can leave behind that type of swelling and.

Irritation for several days. The reflux issue is often not associated with heartburn or indigestion because people have it frequently at nighttime when they’re lying down. So treating their reflux help with on throat irritation and hoarseness and throat clearing. It does take a little bit of time. Sometimes a few weeks on medication before you start to notice improvement and then and continued management of the reflux problem. And if you’re still having reflux issues despite all the recommendations then it’s often a good idea to get a gastroenterologist involved.

They can look down further at the source of the problem and see if we can eliminate why you’re having a reflux issue. Hoarseness or any problem that lingers for more than a couple weeks that doesn’t have another explanation should really be evaluated. You want to rule out problems that could be more concerning, a mass or a growth or some sort of problem with the vocal cords. Taking the steps to correct the problem, it’s usually something people value because they notice a big difference in their chronic cough or the daily.

Amy Williams, ARNP, an ENT nurse practitioner discusses throat lumps.

Feeling like there’s really something that you can’t swallow. It has become such a problem that they might wake up at night feeling like they’re choking or having acid burning in their throat. Some things that make acid reflux into the throat worse are eating too close to bedtime. So you really shouldn’t have anything to eat or drink within a few hours of lying down. It’s helpful to keep your head elevated when you sleep so getting a little wedge under your back and helping to keep gravity on our side and keep that acid down.

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