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Yoga For Upper Back Pain Yoga With Adriene

Hey, everyone. Welcome to Yoga with Adriene.I am Adriene. Today, we have an awesome sequence for the upper back. Irarely meet anyone that doesn’t complain about upper back achiness or stiffness,shoulder pain, craving neck relief. So this is a sequence that you can incorporateto your daily routine, your daily practice. You can return to it fivedays a week, seven days a week. So be sure to favorite the tutorial so you canreturn to it easily, because I think this is something that everyone canbenefit from. So let’s get to it,

hop on the mat, and let’s learn this upperback sequence. Okay. So to begin, we’re going to start ina nice crosslegged position, sukhasana, or the pose of ease here, justpressing into the sit bones and slowly lengthening up through the spine. I’llbring the palms to the knees here, and jumping right in, I’m going to inhale,loop my shoulders, draw my shoulder blades in together and back, as Ilift my heart. Now, I don’t have to crunch the neck here.Ouch. Just going to keep it nice and open, but I am actively drawing my shoulderblades in and together and

down, shoulders away from the ears. Take a deep breath in here, long belly, topsof the thighs draw down. Then on an exhale, I’m going to slowly draw mychin to my chest, draw my naval back, allow my shoulders to round forward,kind of get a little booty massage here as I roll through the buttockand allow the weight of my head to drop over. Now, I’m going to hang here for a couple breaths,catching the weight of my palms to the knees here and really just breathing,feeling that upper back

stretch, creating a little bit of space herewith each inhale and each exhale. Then rolling back up, I’ll loop the shoulders,rolling through, pressing into sit bones, again lifting the heart, drawingthe shoulder blades in together and down, and really creating spacebetween the ears and the tops of the shoulders. Take a deep breath in. Smile.Relax your jaw. Then send it back down. I like to call this Mr. Burns’ posture here,but we’ll put a positive spin

on it here. Breathe some space into that upperback. Then inhaling, back up to center, head over heart, heart over pelvis. Okay. Sitting up nice and tall, I’m goingto send my fingertips forward like I’m swimming, crossing them over, swimaround, and then I’m going to interlace my fingertips behind the back. Again, a good marker is to keep the head overthe heart center, the sternum, the sternum over the pelvis. Justnotice whether maybe you tend to sit back like this, which is normal, or maybeyou’re overcompensating and

shifting the heart forward. Let’s try to stackis nice and tall. I’m going to interlace the fingertips, and then I havea couple options here. If I can . . . We’ll turn to the side hereso you can see. I can bring the palms together. Check that out. If that’sa little too intense at the moment, I might keep the wrists nice and square,but I’m actively drawing the shoulders down, away from the ears, shoulderblades together, kind of wringing it out in the upper back here, gettingrid of that achiness, kind of massaging that area of the body.

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