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Acid Reflux Pain Behind Ear

Welcome to health care at home One of our viewer Meenakshi Patel she has email and written us That how to cure Acid Relux on that she was asking us to do an episode Ms. Meenakshi we have to take some precautions to save our self from acid reflux. In acid reflux the food we eat And to digest that food our liver release some juices which are quite acidic and when those juices comes to our this portion or sometime to our throat as well then it problems a lot like heart burning too

Some people do have complaint that their throat start burning in acid reflux. So what to do to cure our self for this Drink as much as water you can drink you that the acids can be neutralized. So drink at least 21/2 to 3 liter of water in a day. And if drink at least 21/2 to 3 liter of water in a day then chances of acid reflux are very low Along with this take care of one thing, take small bites of your food take small bites and chew them thoroughly when you chew the food it produces saliva

as much as saliva will get into your body with your food chances of acid reflux will be low down accordingly Along with this don’t eat spicy, deep fried food. In case you eat such food then chances are there to get caught by acid reflux. So, try to eat less in quantity if you want to have such food or have rarely. People have started eating fast food in normally life and diet. then they have high chances to have acid reflux. One more thing to be taken care of if you consume alcohol then don’t do smoking along with alcohol.

Otherwise its definite that you will have this problem. And if you are smoker then don’t consume alcohol while smoking. Whenever smoking alcohol is in combination then acid reflux can happen. So, firstly you do one thing if you can’t quit alcohol then do it in limit don’t do smoking along with. And try to quit smoking as it only increases the problem of acid reflux. Second remedy is that you should elevate your bed for 6 inches. Elevation doesn’t mean that you put pillows. you have to give 6inches packing at least below your bed.

with this your bed will be bit elevate and with this you will get some relief in acid reflux. And take care of one more thing that your dinner. it should be 3 ours prior your nap. Means if you sleep around 12 pm then finish your dinner till 9 pm and try to have extremely light dinner As much as it is possible try to have soup and salad in your dinner and if you will consume such items you can take heavy lunch but make sure to have very light dinner And secondly don’t eat major food in one go instead take a handful amount of food in every 2 hours if you will eat so then also you will get relief in the problem of acid reflux.

Along with this you can do one more thing you can Consume Aloe Vera juice. This will also give you so much of relief in acid reflux. If you have too much problem of acid reflux then you must consume 1/2 cup of gooseberry juice. Mix, 1/2 cup of gooseberry juice in the aloe vera juice if you will consume this even then you will have relief in acid reflux. consume the maximum ripe banana it work as a natural antacid. so, if you will 2 max ripe banana then you will get relief in acid reflux. similarly if you eat an apple before sleeping

Acid Reflux causes and treatments

acid reflux, oesophagitis indigestion, heartburn, there are loads of different names for it but what we’re talking about isinflammation of the Gallic. Basically when we swallow food, it is taken and goes straight down thegullet it’s propelled down into the stomach there is a valve that between the bottom ofthe gullet and the top of the stomach and that’s supposed to be a oneway valve. Food is not supposed to go back and

neither is the strong acid inside your stomachwhich of course is used to digest your food. Butunfortunately sometimes it does happen and when foodor acid goes back into your gullet that’s when you get that horrible nastyburning sensation often it’s described as a burning behindthe breastbone sometimes you get food refluxing into your mouthand a nasty bitter taste like bile You can also get pain in the stomach, the food is often worse

after you eat, and it may well be worse if you eat close to bedtime because it’s often much much worse ifyou lie flat or if you’re cyclist if you lean downforwards on a racing bike So, what causes it? Well most commonly it’s caused by anythingthat increases the pressure inside the stomach one of the main causes unfortunately ofcourse is being overweight however being constipated and a chroniccough

can also make things much much worse. So too can wearing a tight waistband or tight clothes whichconstrict your stomach. If you want to reduce thepressure inside your stomach you may well find that eating smallermeals more often will make a big difference and so willlying down later, in other words eating much longerbefore you go to bed other things that can reduce thesymptoms, apart from losing weight and avoiding constipation, wouldinclude possibly

propping the head of the bed up on acouple of bricks, so that you’re not lying quite so flat and that means that the fluid/acid has to refluxagainst gravity and it’s less likely to get back intoyour gullet indigestion medicines will make a bigdifference because they are there to counteract the acid but if you find that they on their ownaren’t enough, then acid suppressing medicines which reduce the acidityinside the stomach

can be really useful. Get those onprescription, or you can buy them from your pharmacistwith they’re advice when do you need to worry? Well acid refluxon the whole is rarely a sign of anything worrying, however if it’s areally bad pain behind your breastbone and comes on for the first time and perhaps is more tight rather thanburning you do need to think whether or not thiscould be it’s not common, but could be the symptom of a heart attack

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