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Acid Reflux Infant Positioner

The 1 Proven Solution for Nighttime Heartburn MedCline Acid Reflux Relief System

Hi! If you or someone you know haschronic acid reflux or GERD you know that trying to get a good night’s sleepcan really be a nightmare. You may find yourself waking up a couplehours after going to bed with awful burning your chest, choking or gagging on regurgitated food,nausea, and lots of other really terrible symptoms caused by acid reflux. Thisnightly battle leave you exhausted the next day and even worried about what thenext night is going to bring. And as if the suffering

night after night was enough you mayalso be concerned about the damage that’s being done to your body fromrepeated exposure to toxic stomach acid and the fact that some of themedications you have been using to treat it have recently been linked to somereally serious side effects. If this sounds like you, I’m really gladyou’re watching this tutorial. What I’m gonna tell you over the nextfew minutes is literally going to change your life or the life of your loved one whohas nighttime heartburn or GERD. Our company was founded by a retired physician whojust like you suffered for years with

chronic nighttime heartburn and reflux Melcher had tried everything fromsleeping on a bed wedge, propping up the head of his bed on blocks, sleeping in arecliner, not eating several hours before going to bed, avoid pretty much every food thatactually tastes good, and was taking about every combinationantireflux medication possible just to try to get some relief.Any of that sound familiar? Well, after developing a precancerouscondition called Barrett’s Esophagus,

Melcher decided he needed to take hishealth into his own hands. He hired a small team of engineers anddesigners, of which I was included, with the mission to develop a sleep systemthat would actually work to alleviate his reflux. What we found in our initial researchand development was that propping up the head of the bed or using a bed wedgereally doesn’t give you enough upper body elevation or you just slidedown to just your head and shoulders elevated which really doesn’t help withthe reflux.

We also found that studies dating backto the early 1960’s show that sleeping on your left side was better forreflux and sleeping on your back on your right side. So, we decided that this new sleep systemneeded to allow you to sleep both at a proper inclined and on your side. After several years of development,testing, and independent al trials we are so excited to share MedClineâ„¢ with you and theother sufferers who suffer on a

constant basis from nighttime reflux. So now, I would like to introduce you to MedClineâ„¢. There are two components to MedClineâ„¢ the Incline Base and the wraparound Body Pillow. MedClineâ„¢ can be used in any size bedand takes up just half the size of queen size bed. You simply place the Incline Baseagainst your headboard. Put the Body Pillow on top and you’reready to get in. As you lay down on MedClineâ„¢, place yourdownside arm into this pocket. This feature removes pressure from yourdownside arm and shoulder, but more

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