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Acid Reflux Diet Ginger

Have you ever experienced that distinct burning in your chest? or that sour taste in the back of thethroat? If you have you know that Heartburn could be incredibly disruptive to yourlife, especially if you are trying to get a good night’s sleep. Thankfully there are many natural waysto relieve your night time heartburn and it’s really all about experimentingand finding out what works best for you. In this tutorial we’re going to talk aboutsome simple diet and lifestyle changes that you can make to help you sleepbetter.

You know one change that you may nothave ever thought about is sleeping with your head elevated, which can provide temporary relief fromheartburn pain and one of the easiest ways to do that is to sleep in an adjustablebed, in fact at the end of this tutorial we’regoing to tell you how you can enter to win a free adjustable bed from Easy RestAdjustable Sleep Systems they give one away every single month.Perhaps one of the best in easiest heartburn remedies is changingyour diet reducing or eliminating

fatty, fried, acidic or spicy foods canlessen the frequency of your heartburn, drink such as coffee, tea, orange juice and especially alcohol can also causeheartburn symptoms to rear their ugly head. Keep a food and drinks chart that documents everything you consume throughout the day, be sure to document the times when youexperience heartburn and look for patterns or correlations,this will help you find the culprit

foods in your diet that cause you pain so you can eliminate them and fightheartburn relief. Another way that changing your diet canhelp with heartburn relief is by losing weight when you carryaround excess weight it puts pressure on your stomachincreasing your chances of getting heartburn eating less exercising more and gettinginto better shape is a good remedy for heartburn

but it will also help you feel better aswell, if you are experiencing heartburn at night make sure you stop eating close tobedtime, you should not lie down for at least two or three hours after any mealor snack, eating and then laying down makes it easyfor stomach acids to move back up and cause heartburn try going for a short walk after dinner or sit up and read or watch a show.Another way to temporarily relieve nighttime heartburn is to elevate thehead of your bed

so that you’re not laying flat you cando this with multiple pillows or a bed wedge but that might not be allthat comfortable, an adjustable bed like the ones fromEasy Rest may help to provide temporary reliefof nighttime heartburn when you adjust the head of the bed upabout six to eight inches or to an angle that keeps you moreupright you may find temporary relief from heartburn symptoms. Are you ready for a refreshing night’ssleep and some temporary relief from

How to Build Your Hydrochloric Acid

Alright FitLifer, Drew Canole here with ChristaOrekio, once again thank you so much, my pleasure, just helping people all over the world. Ah,in tutorial number one we talked about how to tell if you have Candida, right? We did sixdays of spitting in a glass to see if we have it. And then tutorial number two we did a selfpH test and we also talked about how significant pH is in your body in giving you more vitality,more energy and decreasing your chances of getting something like cancer. So pay attentionto this tutorial cause at the end of this tutorial, Christa’s actually going to be giving yousomething that’s really really important and can really benefit your life regardless ofwhether or not you have Candida or not. So

stay tuned at the end of this tutorial, we’regoing to be going over that and we just wanted to say thank you to all of the submissionsthat we received from people that actually submitted their tutorials to response to tutorialnumber one in your Candida spit test, congratulations! We knew that it took a lot out of you, we’reexcited to get some of those cookbooks, out to you as well. And today we’re talking aboutbuilding hydrochloric acid. There’s this process of digestive health, we’ll find out if youhave Candida or any bad critters in your digestive system and eliminate it and then you haveto repair the wreath in its way, and that is building stomach acid and this is a reallyimportant tutorial especially for anybody who’s

over fifty because after the age of fiftywe produce less and less hydrochloric acid every year, so we’re going to make a magicrecipe that builds hydrochloric acid. So what’s in the recipe? Well, we have some lemons here,for this particular recipe we’re using one lemon, just one, and we have about three knucklesof ginger, like this, already peeled. Alright? Yes you got to get your carrot shaver outand peel it. Yup so we got the carrot shaver out, we peeled the ginger, you did a remarkablejob I might say, that peeling the ginger. Thank you.. Now, so we’re going to picklethe ginger. Now why are we using ginger for this? Oaky, so what we’re making with allthis noise is called a ginger pickle and comes

from Ayurveda which is a 5,000 year old Indianmedical system, and so we’re going to take this ginger and we then add the juice of afull lemon. So first of all this food, cause we talked about pH grounds, the two most alkalineforming foods that you can consume.. Alright.. So we added about a half of teaspoon, justregular sea salt.. So you guys would make that and just keep that in a jar in the fridgeand then when you’re having meals with two of your biggest meals of the day, I just wantyou to take about half a teaspoon. So this is the recipe, that’s the recipe. Can I tryit? You allow it to pickle in the fridge, about half a teaspoon, and then you chew itreally well.. You want to mix all of that

together, you don’t have to swallow it ifyou don’t like the fiber of ginger, you can spit it out.. So this simple, simple recipecan be your way back to health so that you are now producing hydrochloric acid and youcan offset neurological disorder from having enough B12, you can prevent and reverse memorydecline through having enough vitamin B12 and you can prevent your body from gettingbad bugs because hydrochloric acid if you eat any bugs kills the bad bugs. So the gingerpickle is where it’s at. And I absolutely love this recipe, I think it’s so easy todo every single morning before every meal, like you had mentioned to do that, it’s somethingthat anyone can do, you don’t have to take

any powders, pills or potions, different thingsto do it, you can make it with ginger that’s what Mother Earth intended it to be. So ifyou have done the Candida test and you are one of the 65 percent of people that has thischronic infection you’ve been living with and you haven’t known, look into getting ridof it, look into getting rid of mental fog and depression and digestive issues. If youtake thyroid meds, look into doing this so you can heal your thyroid and you can livea healthier, happier life and slash your lifetime chances of colon cancer by 75 percent. Soby getting rid of this, it’s going to allow you to become more than what you are rightnow, I’m convince to that which is exactly

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