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Acid Reflux Cure Barton

the survey was looking at the impact ofthe recession on people’s health and their wellbeing. People are feeling more stressed, that doesn’t surprise me how much more stressed? That really surprises me nearly half of under 25’s were feeling muchmore stressed and a third of people feel that theirstress levels have gone up compared to ever before since the recession. Peopleare coping in ways they know they should’t, theyknow are not good for them, they’re coping by eating more by eating less healthy byputting on weight

by not taking time off work by drinkingmore alcohol it’s obvious that when feeling, stressed we’re going to give in to the temptation todo something that makes us feel better in the short term what really worries me, is that thisrecession is not going to go away tomorrow and if people don’t start looking outfor their health in the longer term they could be storing up real problemsfor themselves

Change your life in 12 weeks

we all want to be as healthy as we can, buthow do we do it? there’s a bewildering amount of information out there and some of it seems to contradict each other how to those different factors factorinto your lifestyle? How can you make a real change? Wellfor a start you can do the MyHealth questionnaire. MyHealth questionnaire is ally based, it’s a medicalquestionnaire and it puts you in a queue with a hundred people

just like you, may be a little bitdifferent, maybe very different, it tells you where you stand, the higheryour score, the more healthy you are, and the betteryour chances of a long and successful life, certainly from the body of heart disease, which isstill the biggest killer in the UK today. So, what do you do onceyou’ve got your score? Well, it doesn’t end there. MyHealthprovides you with a tailored twelveweek plan

it tells you you what bits, based on youranswers, you could change to optimize your health. It allows you tomake small changes one at a time it helps you along the way, it helps youto know how you can make those changes and of course, most importantly, make them sustainable. So, what do you do next? It’s very simple,doesn’t cost anything more and more people every day are signing up to MyHealth log on to MyHealth.Patient.co.UK to find out how you can improve yourhealth today

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