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Acid Reflux Cause Ear Infection

every parent in the country knowsmisery of ear infections, even if they don’tremember them themselves from their own childhood believe me it’s highly likely theirchildren will go through them at some point ear infections are really really common andthe most common kind, certainly in children, is a middle earinfection otherwise known as otitismedia, you know we love longmedical terms

basically right behind the eardrum, that you could get if you went in far enough, we see a clear drum, and behind that a space.Tat combination of space and eardrum is called the middle ear, and inflammation of the ear, which is called otitis, in the middle ear, now the most common symptoms in kids are pain and fever, perhaps not surprisingly

these symptoms tend to happen inwinter because of course, most cases of ear infection are caused byinfection, particularly viruses which are similar tothe common cold viruses and they, as we all know happen during thewinter months. your child may be really quite grotty,quite unwell, a little bit lethargic. If they’re over about two they should be able to tell you where the pain is, if they’re under two they may just bevery very distressed and in a lot of pain

and have a fever. The good news is, thatthe vast majority of middle ear infections settle on their own within a few days. In factlots of studies have been done looking at whether giving antibioticsspeeds up your recovery from a middle earinfection. Almost always it makes no difference at all and that’swhy these days GPs very rarely give antibiotics for middle ear infections they may make an exception for undertwoyearolds because

they’re more likely have a bacterial infection, and of course bacterial infections dorespond to antibiotics where viral infections absolutely won’t. They may well give antibiotics if you’ve got an infection in both ears and we do very much need you to be awarereally rare and very dangerous complication calledmastoiditis if your child has mastoiditis, and again,I stress it is really rare then they will be extremely unwell andoften be delirious

and they will be incredibly tender right behind the ear. But that doesn’t apply tothe vast majority of kids, so if you think your child’s got an ear infection what do you do? Well if they’re under two, if their temperature is really high, if they’re extremely unwell,yes see your GP. However if it’s just one side then the likelihood is that it will settlewithin a few days some GPs will give what’s calledthe quot;delayed prescriptionquot; for antibiotics

Acid Reflux causes and treatments

acid reflux, oesophagitis indigestion, heartburn, there are loads of different names for it but what we’re talking about isinflammation of the Gallic. Basically when we swallow food, it is taken and goes straight down thegullet it’s propelled down into the stomach there is a valve that between the bottom ofthe gullet and the top of the stomach and that’s supposed to be a oneway valve. Food is not supposed to go back and

neither is the strong acid inside your stomachwhich of course is used to digest your food. Butunfortunately sometimes it does happen and when foodor acid goes back into your gullet that’s when you get that horrible nastyburning sensation often it’s described as a burning behindthe breastbone sometimes you get food refluxing into your mouthand a nasty bitter taste like bile You can also get pain in the stomach, the food is often worse

after you eat, and it may well be worse if you eat close to bedtime because it’s often much much worse ifyou lie flat or if you’re cyclist if you lean downforwards on a racing bike So, what causes it? Well most commonly it’s caused by anythingthat increases the pressure inside the stomach one of the main causes unfortunately ofcourse is being overweight however being constipated and a chroniccough

can also make things much much worse. So too can wearing a tight waistband or tight clothes whichconstrict your stomach. If you want to reduce thepressure inside your stomach you may well find that eating smallermeals more often will make a big difference and so willlying down later, in other words eating much longerbefore you go to bed other things that can reduce thesymptoms, apart from losing weight and avoiding constipation, wouldinclude possibly

propping the head of the bed up on acouple of bricks, so that you’re not lying quite so flat and that means that the fluidacid has to refluxagainst gravity and it’s less likely to get back intoyour gullet indigestion medicines will make a bigdifference because they are there to counteract the acid but if you find that they on their ownaren’t enough, then acid suppressing medicines which reduce the acidityinside the stomach

can be really useful. Get those onprescription, or you can buy them from your pharmacistwith they’re advice when do you need to worry? Well acid refluxon the whole is rarely a sign of anything worrying, however if it’s areally bad pain behind your breastbone and comes on for the first time and perhaps is more tight rather thanburning you do need to think whether or not thiscould be it’s not common, but could be the symptom of a heart attack

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