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Acid Pain In Stomach During Pregnancy

Is eating dates harmful during pregnancy There are myths that eating dates will induce labor. Eating a lot of dates may give you stomach pains as it tries to process the fiber, but it won’t set off labor. Some people think that eating dates shortens labor. A study in 2011 found that those who ate dates often were 20 more likely to have spontaneous labor and greater cervical dilation. Other lifestyle factors that led them to eat more dates could have led to the result. While Chinese people share certain genes and eating with chopsticks, it doesn’t mean there is.

A chopstick gene They were less likely to need to be induced, which increases the duration of labor. And the greater you are dilated, the shorter the labor. I would eat habanera peppers if someone said it would shorten labor and lessen pain. I’ve heard that dates are really healthy. Dates are high in iron. Dates can be a good source of iron for women with anemia but become ill at the sight of red meat. Dates are sweet but contain fructose, not sucrose, so they are healthier than eating most processed sweets.

Dates are high in fiber, something we all need, but something women need even more when pregnancy makes dehydration and constipation a problem. I wonder if that’s why some women thought they were going into labor after eating dates. Dates contain folic acid. Eating it early in the pregnancy reduces the risk of neural tube defects, and they taste far better than the awful supplements some doctors prescribe. Frankly, I’d eat dirt if I thought it would get the pregnancy over faster. That’s called pica. If you are actually doing that, you need to see a doctor to address.

Is Eating Dates Harmful During Pregnancy

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