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Acid In Stomach Lining

Welcome to health care at home In our previous episode we were talking about stomach ulcer Let us take that conversation forward See, you have available one of he most easiest thing to rule out stomach ulcer And that is Coconut Nariyal Coconut Water contains Anti Ulcer properties Even coconut milk also have anti ulcer properties What you have to do Take some Coconut and put it into a blender And along with add some coconut water. Add plain water in case you don’t have coconut water with you. And then grind it nicely.

After grinding, take it out in a cloth and strain it nicely and the coconut milk which got prepared you have to consume1 cup of this milk in morning and in evening too So, what is that It contains Anti ulcer properties So, if you already suffering from ulcer. you will get relief. And in case you have the symptoms of ulcer then it will stop ulcer happen to you Now, in India there are so many places where this water based coconut if not available Then, there what you can do is, as coconut oil is available everywhere.

Just consume 1 spoon of coconut oil in the morning And consume 1 spoon of coconut oil at the time of sleeping Since it contains AntiBacterial properties those bacterial which creates ulcer it will kill those bacteria. and won’t let ulcer happen to you Along with this one more thing is there which is easily available at our home that is Cabbage What you have to do is, Before you have your food if you will eat 1 bowl of raw cabbage even then you will get so much of relief in ulcer.

Home Remedies To Cure Stomach Ulcer Part2

If you can’t eat raw cabbage then you can take out its juice, if you like you can add some carrots in it And prepare the juice of carrot and cabbage And make sure that you consume 12 cup of juice before every meal of yours And you will notice that you will get so much of relief in ulcer. Along with this consume ripe bananas. Even by consuming 3 ripe bananas in a day also you will get maximum relief in ulcer Along with honey, The pure honey Consume this, as it has healing properties means it works really wonder to heal the wound.

If you use 2 spoons of pure honey then you will get so much of relief in ulcer Honey contains a enzyme called Glucose Oxidase This enzyme produces hydrogen peroxide. And this hydrogen peroxide kills the harmful bacteria And these harmful bacteria only make ulcer in the body So this hydrogen peroxide will kill these bacteria then you will have least possibilities of having stomach ulcer So, you must use 2 spoon of pure honey in the morning with an empty stomach And you will notice that you will get maximum relief in ulcer.

Along with this you can use garlic also Garlic not only contains antibacterial properties Along with this garlic has antimicrobial properties These antimicrobial properties stops the development of stomach ulcer And in case you are suffering from stomach ulcer then it won’t allow it to proceed further What you have to do is just take 23 cloves of garlic,smash it swallow with the water What will happen with this In case you are suffering from stomach ulcer then it won’t expand much So, to prevent yourself from stomach ulcer, you must use garlic.

Along with this you must use fenugreek. As in it not only has healing properties Along with this it creates a coating in the stomach with this the problem of stomach ulcer get in control to an extent. For this, take 2 spoon of fenugreek seeds let it boil nicely in 2 glass of water And you can consume this water twice in a day Or you can make powder of fenugreek seeds And you should consume 11 spoon this powder in morning evening. It will also create a coating in your stomach.

With this there will be a layer in your stomach you will have maximum of relief in the problem of ulcer Or you can do one more thing, take fenugreek leaves and boil it in some water Eat these boil leaves , you can add honey if you want And consume 12 bowl twice a time in a day in morning and evening too You will notice that you will get relief in stomach ulcer So, isn’t it all the remedies were easy Rest our wish is only that you stay healthy, busy, carefree and be with us.

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