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Acid In Stomach Formula

Hello! I’m Dr. Trites with Doctors Optimum, and the product today I’m talking about is our Probiotic, and the reason we came up with the Probiotic is we’re looking to encompass something that could get into the systems of anybody that takes it, so that we can have it for children, for men, for women, for those who are, well, to call it, in their twilight years, 65 and older, whatever that means. anybody, and it doesn’t matter, even in the conditions. Now you may need other support, whether it’s nutrition or food and other things,.

And I understand that, but to keep in mind, 70 of our immune system is in the gut. Now it could be more than that, but we don’t want to have things like free radicals that cause pathogenic or pathology meaning a diseased state in the body. Unfortunately, many other probiotics out there aren’t tested properly, and so they do create pathogenic strains that’s one problem. The second problem is Does the bacterium that they use in there survive, or are found really in nature or is it kind of manmade Because if you were a caveman,.

Let’s say on a real Paleolithic diet, you probably weren’t taking probiotic supplements, you’re getting it from nature. So we want to go back to what is our actual, we’ll call it, human genome or genetic makeup, and what handles it best. The next thing is, can it get past the stomach Well, we have a delivery system called a capsule that gets past the stomach. So a lot of the capsules get broken down on the stomach because they are not acidresistant. Our capsules are. Just because of that, we want to make sure that what we have in there.

Dr. Alan Trites on the Best Probiotic

Has the most potency to get to where it’s supposed to go in your gastrointestinal tract. If it happens to open up, if it needed to, the. what we call spores, or the bacteria that we have in there, they will die, but not in vast numbers, as in some of the other bacteria that are out there. You know, so we don’t have lactobacillus acidophilus as one of the most popular one in there. The second that it hits the stomach acid, it’s toast, it’s gone, and the other thing is most of those are in either a liquid form or they.

Come in a capsule that is nonacidresistant, so they’re thrown away. Now here’s the other part of it. You’ll notice that our Probiotic does not have to be refrigerated. Why It’s stable. So if you have a probiotic that you open the back of it and it says it has to be stabilized by refrigeration, it’s probably not very stable and may not even get past the stomach. So a probiotic is true in nature, that it has to exist in nature, and it also has to exist in our gastrointestinal system, that’s why we have it. We want to make sure.

That it is stable enough not to be refrigerated, we want to make sure that it can pass the stomach acid with a capsule, or in the event the capsule breaks down, it still has the opportunity of going in and startup. This could be easy and convenient and doesn’t require refrigeration because you can travel with it. You don’t have to carry bottles, you can just put it. Of course, our products are glutenfree, they’re dairyfree for that reason, and it comes in a vegetarian capsule. And we do not add any fillers or any sort of prebiotics.

Why Prebiotics can actually cause gas, so most people take a probiotic because they have constipation, diarrhea, and or gas, and that all is dependent on your human genome, and that can be called a myriad of different conditions, but it really comes down to have, most likely the same thing which is called dysbiosis, an imbalance in your bacteria in your gut, and you need to take a Probiotic for it. Now, which one do you need to take Well, you need one that’s going to go in there and do their job. So we suggest you.

Take two pills a day for starters, to see what’s going on, and see if we get some of the relief of symptoms, and that’s the whole purpose of an optimum formula, so Doctors Optimum formula is to get in there and to optimize your gut to get it started. That’s just the starting point. We have other products that will help to stabilize and get going, but this is our basis to get going for the immune system and to support the gastrointestinal tract dysfunctions, and to optimize it so you don’t have to take a myriad of pills, or go to the doctor and.

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