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Acid In Snake’s Stomach

Greetings fellow nerds. A friend of mine gave me some really bad tasting gum. So instead of letting it go waste we’re going to try and destroy it with a couple of different acids. First I’m going to try the gum in 12 molar hydrochloric acid. This acid is the same acid in your stomach but is much more concentrated. I’m timelasping this tutorial over twelve hours and the gum seems to be softening somewhat. Here we are after twelve hours. The flavoring and dye in the gum has been leached out but the gum itself still seems to be intact.

Let me get it out of there. Yeah the gum still seems very pliable. The acid had very little effect on it. Let me try it again but this time boiling the acid. The gum is melting into the acid, and a bit of the dye and flavoring is leaching out, but it doesn’t seem to be reacting very much, it seems to be floating on top like oil. Yeah it’s in there but with very low viscosity so it’s difficult to pull out. I’ll let it cool so it hardens again.

Alright here we are. The gum is stiff at first, but with some kneading it’s just as pliable as it ever was. Hot hydrochloric acid doesn’t do much to it. Now let’s try something a bit stronger, concentrated 98 18 molar sulfuric acid. After 12 hours the gum looks like it resisted the sulfuric acid better than hydrochloric acid. Okay I refuse to be defeated by a piece of gum. Let’s try this again but with hot concentrated sulfuric acid. Very little can withstand this. There we go complete and total obliteration.

Gum in Acid

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