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Acid In Crocodile Stomach

Don land that was speaking to a man by the name of freddie shark who’s actually taking bath salts in the past now i just ask him about south gate know much about until we cover the story about the temple was high on bath salts optic financial issue just how destructively damaging it is to know how when you’re on a twelve you know and i got a sense that it might be pretty disheartening when the guy in miami to vote was close and sort of biting them faceoff.

Of the homeless cats i says it might be a little destructive doesn’t feel that since i wasn’t sure uh. how do you know hey you know what they heard that drug use at least out there resembling the dependent to become shuttle abt done but not the other thing isn’t that tutorial you don’t really see and you know what he’s doing the are really seeing right in this tutorial you see freddy shock basically uh. being tied down because he has overdose on bath salts let’s watch posted a tutorial of you.

And looks like you’re having these wild hallucinations very fair thing actually whenever there dot i was going on of my retards amro actually fairly pretty back about the literary premarital institutions in the same asylum basically and of somethin about are jackson board needs and get into that farming heartfelt up repel are carved her character are completely an elected always harder for our whatever was there yet but you had a scared um. please spy if there’d been completely still living there late saturday night on the world world.

Bath Salts Drug Abuse Tutorial

Uh. internet this issue that they worry splitting up pretty sharp actually looks like myself yes they did not like his nabeel is not about is on the apocalypse and that all these people e visa medellin crazy and i can what my mind cannot fathom is that there are people who think their life sucks so much that for a little bit of a high the indians basalts which makes you want to eat somebody’s face off for the urine jason overstock ways it would have that was going on that dude’s might.

You know what’s incredible about this child’s is it gives you like this crazy sends of physical power right where you feel like you’re a bullet you can beat someone up said today you can bike someone’s face off it’s kind of crazy as public dot at all about this because i mean i’d i know i’m not strong but i get the sense that when you do bath salts to let you get like this insane uh. said substrate where you can do anything at all so at john made a good.

Point about how you know usually when you’re doing something strenuous you stop when you start to feel little pain but when you’re on the strike you don’t really have a sense of that you feel like you’re invincible yapping itgi co in to the reports they actually do sometimes exhibit superhuman strength and that’s partly cuz they think they can and that was the power of the mind as well but the mind being abused your eventually leads to some things so don’t do it man i can’t make this clear enough okay you will need your.

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