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Acid Feeling In Stomach During Pregnancy

If you are pregnant, one of the side effects you may have started to experience is gas. The gas that you feel can become so bothersome and painful that it may prevent you from getting rest at night when you need it the most. While it may be hard to deal with, there are several tips that will help you cope and relieve the horrible gas pains during pregnancy. The first thing you should is make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day. Unlike carbonated beverages, water does not cause gas.

Not only is it good to drink water if you want to prevent gas, it is also good for your body, especially during pregnancy. Along with giving up on drinking carbonated beverages, you should stay away from beans and other foods that are known to cause a bit of gas. When you start to experience gas pains in your stomach, you can get on your hands and knees. By getting into this position, the gas may make its way through your system at a faster pace, which means you can get it out instead of dealing with the rumbling inside of your.

Stomach. If you cannot get into that position at that moment when you feel the pain, you can try moving your body around and exercising for a bit, which can also help. Do not forget to keep a food journal while you are pregnant. You can then keep track of what you are eating and which foods are causing the most gas. Once you know which foods are the culprits, you can avoid eating them for the duration of your pregnancy, even if you are craving them. If you monitor what you eat, drink plenty of water, and even move your body around when.

Horrible Gas Pains During Pregnancy

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