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Acid Eating Stomach Lining

This is Rachel with Nutrolution in Miami Beach, Florida. In this clip we’re talking about how to treat a stomach ulcer. Now first and most importantly, I do recommend that if you believe you have an ulcer as identified by pain usually in your stomach area, that you definitely consult with your physician. However there are some nutritional things that you can do especially if you have a history of ulcers to prevent future ulcers or to treat something that is just the beginning stages. One of the top nutrients that I use for ulcers.

Is an amino acid called lglutamine and this is the from that I use. This is like I said, it is an amino acid and it helps with healing and integrity of the stomach lining. The best way to take it is on an empty stomach and usually a few grams a day of 2 or more even actually studies have been done that show people using safely up to even 9 or 10 grams a day. But starting with 1 gram 2 or 3 times on an empty stomach is a good place to start.

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